Independent & Assisted Living Retirement Communities for Seniors


“I was always good with money; I learned at a young age how to save.”
– Audrey Meurer, 90


“Now they all call us “The Love Bugs” because we hold hands everywhere we go.” – Mira (91) and Bob (95) Graves


“A good marriage is a never-ending conversation.”
-Ernestine Bloomberg, 93


“When we were kids, my mother made sure we went to the beach at least once a week.” – Helen Person, 94


“I got traded into the big leagues and went to the Detroit Tigers. I was on the team in 1945 when they won the World Series.” – Milt Welch, 91


“I had a good second half, and now I’m so proud to see my children raising their children with such love and attention.” – Marjorie White, 87


Luis Serrano | President & CEO

As President of Sunshine Retirement Living, Mr. Serrano is focused on corporate strategy and development, acquisitions, strategic partnerships and special projects. Mr. Serrano is also a co-founder and managing principal of Westbrook Management, which provides full-service real estate investment management and consulting.


Richard “Dick” Glaunert | Chief Community and Resident Advocate

Dick Glaunert is known as “Mr. Sunshine” to all of our Sunshine residents. As Chief Community and Resident Advocate, Mr. Glaunert makes resident satisfaction his top priority, and fields questions, concerns and comments from residents every day.


James Matthews | Chairman

Mr. Matthews has over 25 years experience in accounting, finance and taxation, including 10 years in the senior housing and property management fields. He has served as COO of Pacific Coast Management Group since 2004 where he developed in-house property management expertise.

May Sunshine Hasso

May Sunshine Hasso | Founder

Ms. Hasso passed in 2015 and will be forever missed by all those whose lives she helped change for the better. Sunshine Retirement Living continues forward with the vision she shaped over her 20 years of experience in the senior housing industry through her years serving on the Board of Directors of Holiday Retirement Corp.



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