Independent & Assisted Living Retirement Communities for Seniors


“I got traded into the big leagues and went to the Detroit Tigers. I was on the team in 1945 when they won the World Series.” – Milt Welch, 91


“I was always good with money; I learned at a young age how to save.”
– Audrey Meurer, 90


“A good marriage is a never-ending conversation.”
-Ernestine Bloomberg, 93


“I had a good second half, and now I’m so proud to see my children raising their children with such love and attention.” – Marjorie White, 87


“When we were kids, my mother made sure we went to the beach at least once a week.” – Helen Person, 94


“Now they all call us “The Love Bugs” because we hold hands everywhere we go.” – Mira (91) and Bob (95) Graves


Luis Serrano | President & CEO

As President of Sunshine Retirement Living, Mr. Serrano is focused on corporate strategy and development, acquisitions, strategic partnerships and special projects. Mr. Serrano is also… Read More


Richard “Dick” Glaunert | Chief Community and Resident Advocate

Dick Glaunert is known as “Mr. Sunshine” to all of our Sunshine residents. As Chief Community and Resident Advocate, Mr. Glaunert makes resident satisfaction his… Read More


James Matthews | Chairman

Mr. Matthews has over 25 years experience in accounting, finance and taxation, including 10 years in the senior housing and property management fields. He has… Read More

May Sunshine Hasso

May Sunshine Hasso | Founder

Ms. Hasso had over 20 years experience in the senior housing industry through her years serving on the Board of Directors of Holiday Retirement Corp… Read More




The Importance of Passing Down Family Traditions and Secrets

Most people don’t want to think about what happens next.  What happens to the family after a person passes away?  What happens after a family Read More

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Learn Something New Today – It’s Never Too Late!

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Anti-Aging Supplements: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Everyone wants to grow old gracefully. However, most of us need help doing so. There are so many products on the market today that promise Read More


The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Healthcare Resources

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Laying down the Law: Rules to Follow When Bringing Grandchildren to Visit Their Grandparents

Bringing grandchildren to visit their grandparents is a process that has the potential to benefit everyone involved. However, at the same time, it requires established… Read More

How to Have the Most Fun in Your Senior Years and Get Paid to Do It

Quick Summary It’s possible to have fun working during your senior years and get paid. You may find that you’re tired of trying to find… Read More


Sun Safety Tips for Seniors

Spring is finally here. Before you know it, the heat of the summer will be upon us. Everyone needs to take precautions from the sun… Read More


Springtime Fun: Entertaining Your Grandchildren

When the flowers break through the ground, and the sun emerges through the clouds, it’s a great time for grandparents to break through the winter… Read More


5 Secrets to Happiness at Any Age

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Senior Skin Care: Maintaining Your Youthful Glow

Taking care of your skin is really important, no matter what age you are. Your skin is affected by everything you do—what you eat and… Read More

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5 Ways to Enjoy Retirement

After working all those years, the day has finally come for you to retire. You fill out your paperwork, your co-workers throw you a party,… Read More


5 Tips for Brain Health and Aging

Aging is a natural part of this incredible life. It is the accumulation of adventures experienced, relationships cherished and wisdom gathered. Contrary to popular opinion,… Read More


How to Pick out the Perfect Gift for Your Senior Parents

Shopping for a senior loved one can be challenging. After all, your aging parent, grandparent, or loved one received gifts throughout their lifetime and may… Read More


New Year New You – The Health Benefits of Physical Activity for Seniors in 2016

  Quick Summary If you’ve been wondering whether you or someone close to you could benefit from physical activity, the answer is yes – especially… Read More

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6 Fun and Inexpensive Things to Do as a Senior

Having fun is one the greatest ways to enjoy the most out of life. You can spend an afternoon at the playground with your grandkids,… Read More

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