Sunshine Stories

The story of life is quicker than the blink of an eye Jimi Hendrix

A meeting of patriots: Veterans Day at Waterford Terrace

By Nancy Miller “It makes me feel good that young people are taking over protecting our country. Us old guys can’t do it anymore,” said... Dusty Ward (89), a resident of Waterford Terrace, La Mesa, and a veteran himself. On November 10, to celebrate and honor Veteran’s Day, a group

Making Dreams Soar with Joanie Galliard

World Traveler | Ambitious Dreamer | Giving Spirit Joanie Galliard (1933-2015), was a resident of Creekside Oaks, Folsom, CA Q: Where you born and raised? A:... I was born and raised in West Englewood, New Jersey Q: What was your childhood like? A: It was great, I was the youngest and

Exploring Your Roots with Sam Muir, 85

  Veteran | Pilot | Outdoorsman Sam lives at Quail Lodge in Antioch, CA.   Q: Where were you born and raised? A: I was... born in Pueblo, Colorado, on October 14, 1929, and lived mostly in California. I went to school in Pittsburg, California, and graduated from high school

Taking Risks with Louise Dennis, 91

Lives at Villa Serena  in Santa Clara, CA Entrepreneur | Teacher & Mentor |  Optimist Q: What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened to you? A: I... would say when WWII was over. I was overjoyed! I thought, this is it, there will be World Peace — I wanted to shake every

Living Courageously with Lorrie Henderson, 91

Lives at The Clairmont in Austin, TX Veteran | Trailblazer | Accomplished Scholar | Humanitarian Q: Tell us about serving in the WAVES. A: I joined... the WAVES in 1946 — and learned to be a draftsman there, then went to Cornell College in my hometown of Mt. Vernon, Iowa, on

How to Live Life How You Want it with Virginia Lawrence, 94

Lives at The Continental, Austin, TX Loving Matriarch | Southern Belle | Fashion Icon | World Traveler Q: Where were you born? A: I was... born in St. Angelo, TX. It’s a small ranch town in West Texas near Sweetwater. I spent all my summers on ranches and farms; my

Looking Back at Butch Cassidy, Early Aviation and the First 747 with Larry Cheskaty, 90

Lives at Waterford Terrace, La Mesa Amatuer Historian | Proud Veteran | Aviator | Family Man Q: What was your childhood like? A: I grew up... in Western Colorado — Grand Junction, Colorado. On a farm and it was during the Depression. Like all the other kids I knew, I was

The Secret to Lifelong Love from Gerry, 87, and Raymond, 90, Powell

Live at The Continental, Austin Childhood Sweethearts | Dedicated Partners | Family Icons Q: Where did you grow up? A: Gerry: I grew up in Houston,... and we lived about five houses from each other on the same street, so we had seen each other since childhood, but the rest of

Graywood’s Best Kept Secret, The Verandah’s Fishing Pond

  If you have ever held a fishing rod in your hand, cast out your line and watched the lure skip across the water’s surface,... you likely know the pleasure and relaxation a day on the lake can bring. Better yet, the opportunity for bonding with friends and family—especially grandchildren—is

The Value of Laughter with Lillian Hoffman, 93

Lives at Waterford Terrace in La Mesa, California Born Adventurer | Loving Matriarch | Entertainer | Free Spirit Q: What do you like to do... with your days? A: Twice a year I get together 30 ladies — no men — and I tell risqué jokes and sing songs for