Mission Statement
Mission Statement

Sunshine Retirement Living manages retirement communities throughout the Unites States, offering senior apartments, independent living, assisted living and memory care. Our mission is to be the preferred senior living provider offering value


On Veteran’s Day, Every Sunshine Community Could Be Considered “The Home Of The Brave”

Ever notice how fans at sporting events always let out a rousing cheer at the end of the “The Star-Spangled Banner”? One obvious reason for Read More

Sunshine Residents Enjoy Being “In The Pink.”

Outside many Sunshine Retirement communities across the country, residents are enjoying the vivid yellows, reds and oranges of fall. Inside, they’re excited about a different Read More

Most Sunshine Residents Agree: Oktoberfest Ist Wunderbar!

With the calendar quickly creeping into the middle of October, many Sunshine Retirement Communities have been indulging in the uniquely Bavarian joys of Oktoberfest. Unlike Read More

For Many Sunshine Residents, A Museum Is Where You See ‘Em

One thing that has been proven time and time again at Sunshine Retirement communities is that most seniors never lose their hunger for knowledge, culture Read More

wellness and goodness

August At Sunshine Is All Wellness And Goodness

Well•ness – noun, the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. If you’ve been following us at Sunshine Retirement Communities Read More

National Senior Citizens Day – When America’s Most Experienced Individuals Get The Recognition They Deserve

Like wine, cheese and a pair of jeans, everyone knows that men and women really do get better with age. But did you know America Read More

Helpful Thoughts For When It’s Time For A Memory Care Facility

If you visited these pages last week, you may have read our exploration of the signs and symptoms to look for when a parent or Read More

When It’s Time For Memory Care – How To Prepare For The Unthinkable

As our parents and loved ones get older, life throws them many a curve ball – downsizing to a smaller home, financial scams, and increasingly Read More

Wine-Tasting At Sunshine – Paired With Good Food, Good Friends And Good Times

For as long as people have been plucking succulent grapes from a vine, squishing out the juice with their feet, and sipping the fermented extract Read More

Think you know all about the 4th of July? Maybe your Liberty Bell knowledge isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

From sea to shining sea, the good old U.S. of A. will be celebrating its 242nd birthday tomorrow. And from the Great Northwest to the Read More

Drinking Buddies. Drinks Are On Us. Drinks All Around! New Mugs Have Sunshine Residents Hydrating Happily

By now you probably know that many Sunshine Retirement residents share an appetite for healthy and haute’ cuisine. Some have a passion for poetry and Read More

Breaking The Ice, Breaking Out The Ice Cream And Other Ways Sunshine Folks Warm Up To Each Other

The arrival of the solstice this week not only welcomes in the warm months of summer, it symbolizes the even warmer welcome received by every Read More

Sunshine Fathers Are Definitely Not Fit To Be Tied

It should come as no surprise that both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are celebrated in a big way at Sunshine Retirement communities. Just like Read More

Sunshine Residents Are All Aflutter Over Butterflies

One of the most incredible things to witness in nature is the metamorphosis of a humble caterpillar into a glorious butterfly. What’s been even more Read More

How To Teach The Grandkids That Memorial Day Isn’t Just For Unforgettable Picnics

For most Americans, Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial kickoff of summer – an early chance to get out for an old-fashioned family barbecue in Read More


Luis Serrano | President & CEO

As President of Sunshine Retirement Living, Mr. Serrano is focused on corporate strategy and development, acquisitions, strategic partnerships and special projects. Mr. Serrano is also Read More

Richard “Dick” Glaunert | Chief Community and Resident Advocate

Dick Glaunert is known as “Mr. Sunshine” to all of our Sunshine residents. As Chief Community and Resident Advocate, Mr. Glaunert makes resident satisfaction his Read More

James Matthews | Chairman

Mr. Matthews has over 25 years experience in accounting, finance and taxation, including 10 years in the senior housing and property management fields. He has Read More

May Sunshine Hasso | Founder

Ms. Hasso passed in 2015 and will be forever missed by all those whose lives she helped change for the better. Sunshine Retirement Living continues Read More


“I’m most proud of my children and I always insisted they do their best.” – William Pendarvis, 89

“You know, you make a few mistakes, but you look back on them and you know that with the information you had, it was the thing to do.” – Harold Vrono, 92

“I was far too young, but it was love at first sight. We were married for 62 years, and we were always together.” – June Tyrell, 87

“I’m a very social person, and I feel lucky to have had friends and two beautiful men in my life.” – Johnye (“Johnny”) Culler, 88

“You have to be able to laugh. I’m still the Hat Lady here.” – Elizabeth Adams, 93