Mission Statement
Mission Statement

Sunshine Retirement Living manages retirement communities throughout the United States, offering senior apartments, independent living, assisted living and memory care. Our mission is to be the preferred senior living provider offering value


The California Climate Makes A Perfect Retirement Place

Many seniors dream of retiring to a sunny climate–after all, who can resist the opportunity for year-round outdoor activities? Whether you prefer a low-key stroll Read More

Get your living space organized and cozy for the holiday season

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but freshening up for fall is just as important! The fall and winter months bring cooler weather and short days, Read More

Delicious, Brain-Healthy Meals are just a few Ingredients Away

As we shift into colder weather this fall and winter, warm comfort foods can be a popular go-to. Stews and soups using earthy vegetables, such Read More

Make Healthy Living Easy With These Simple Changes

It’s important to look after your loved one’s health to help them enjoy their golden years. But after decades of maintaining their same routine, you Read More

Connect with Family and Friends this Holiday Season

When the weather changes and we start spying the first twinkling lights on neighborhood homes, we know the holidays are approaching. As we get closer Read More

Seasonal Food Ideas That Consider The Mind Diet

Get Warm And Cozy With Yummy Fall Food

Turkey, pot pie, and mashed potatoes–oh my! Fall is a time where we all come together to indulge in yummy comfort foods. However, it’s still Read More

Managing Medications

Keep Yourself and Your Loved One Healthy and On-Track with These Tips

Life can get busy. Between our daily routines, unexpected events, and trying to pack our days full of fun and responsibilities, managing your loved one’s Read More

Fun Fall Activity Ideas from Pharr Texas Retirement Home

Everything’s Bigger in Texas–Even the Fun!

One of the great things about Southern Texas is that the weather stays comfortable throughout the fall –it doesn’t get too cold! You might have Read More

What Does Memory Care at Drescher Retirement Communities Include?

From music therapy to carefully planned meals

If you’re looking into memory care facilities for your loved one, you may be wondering what exactly “memory care” entails. Here at Woodland Creek, an Read More

The Daily Diet of a Senior at a La Mesa Retirement Community

The Waterford Terrace Dining Experience

If you’re thinking about moving into an independent living community, you may be wondering– “What’s the food like?” We can tell you! The dining program Read More

Tips for Maintaining Independence from a Methuen Senior Community

Implement these tips sooner, rather than later!

As much as we wish it were so, the fountain of youth isn’t real. But that doesn’t mean we can’t maintain our health, energy, and Read More

Ways for Seniors to Enjoy Fall from a Pittsburgh Personal Care Home

Fall is quickly approaching, and with it comes the opportunity to enjoy the cooler temperatures, beautiful scenery, and the upcoming holiday season! Here are some Read More

Tips for Maintaining Good Health As Autumn Approaches

When one thinks of fall, often the first thoughts that come to mind are colder weather and changing leaves. However, fall is an important season Read More

How Seniors Can Keep Their Brains Sharp While Aging

Brains are just like any other body part, they need to be stimulated in order to stay as healthy as possible! Just like you must Read More

Help Your Loved Ones Maintain Independence and Healthy

Help Your Loved Ones Maintain Independence and Take Care Of Their Memory

If you love someone who is experiencing memory challenges or other health issues, you can help them enjoy their life to the fullest, even as Read More


Luis Serrano | President & CEO

As President of Sunshine Retirement Living, Mr. Serrano is focused on corporate strategy and development, acquisitions, strategic partnerships and special projects. Mr. Serrano is also Read More

Dick Glaunert | Chief Happiness Officer

Dick Glaunert is known as “Mr. Sunshine” to all of our Sunshine residents. As Chief Happiness Officer, Mr. Glaunert makes resident satisfaction his top priority, Read More

James Matthews | Chairman

Mr. Matthews has over 25 years experience in accounting, finance and taxation, including 10 years in the senior housing and property management fields. He has Read More

May Sunshine Hasso | Founder

Ms. Hasso passed in 2015 and will be forever missed by all those whose lives she helped change for the better. Sunshine Retirement Living continues Read More


“I’m a very social person, and I feel lucky to have had friends and two beautiful men in my life.” – Johnye (“Johnny”) Culler, 88

“I’m most proud of my children and I always insisted they do their best.” – William Pendarvis, 89

“I was far too young, but it was love at first sight. We were married for 62 years, and we were always together.” – June Tyrell, 87

“You know, you make a few mistakes, but you look back on them and you know that with the information you had, it was the thing to do.” – Harold Vrono, 92

“You have to be able to laugh. I’m still the Hat Lady here.” – Elizabeth Adams, 93