5 Fun Facts About Chula Vista California

Chula Vista is one of the most fun cities in the state of California. Looking to find out a few things about the city that you maybe didn’t know? We’ve compiled a list of fun facts that you will enjoy and may find useful during travel or as a resident.

The beautiful views of the city radiate 24 hours a day. Views of the beautiful ocean from almost every building and radiant sunrises and sunsets paint a picturesque image in the mind of all who populate the city. Mix this beauty with a little fun and you’ve got the perfect city to live in or visit on occasion.

Take a look at these fun facts about the hidden jewel of a city:

  1. The Elite Train Here – Chula Vista is home to year-round training facility, the Olympic Training Center. The center is utilized by regular Olympic athletes, as well as the Paralympic team.


  1. The Lemon Capital of the World – this has been a title held by Chula Vista for a long time now, and it’s not because of the pretty lemons. There is an annual Lemon festival held that has exciting crafts, great music, and food choices for every taste bud. There are performances throughout the festival for entertainment. On the sweeter side, attendees can enjoy lemon ice cream, lemon meringue pie and other delightful treats made with lemon.


  1. Outdoor Exercise is a Thing – exercise is a good way to be healthy and outdoor exercise is even healthier. Breathe the fresh air as you bike along the Bayshore Bikeway, which gives 24 miles of amazing scenery.


  1. Ocean Views are Captivating – Kayak tours give captivating views of the water but there is also a great chance you’ll see wildlife along the way. A Pacific Green Sea Turtle is likely to show itself.


  1. Food Trucks Have the Best Meals – Wednesday night meals have never tasted better, especially when they are served right off a food truck. The food trucks of Eastlake serve up a delightful dish that almost everyone craves from week to week.

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