Aquatica San Diego in Chula Vista California

Aquatica San Diego is the Sea World attraction of Chula Vista. It’s the breeding ground for fun, sun, relaxation and excitement all in one. Summer vacation takes on an entire new meaning when a trip to the Aquatica is on the itinerary. There’s fun, food and exciting adventures for the entire family to enjoy.

Fun for Everyone

The park offers accommodations to make it possible for almost everyone to enter and enjoy their visit. Safety is always a concern of most adults and parents. Therefore, SeaWorld San Diego works to ensure that proper provisions are made to ensure that everyone is safe.

For visitor convenience and accommodation, the park offers assistance for:

  • Visually impaired guests
  • Guests with disabilities
  • First aid
  • Parking for guests with disabilities
  • Service animal provisions
  • Wheelchair rental

Vacation Planning

Summer vacation planning will be a breeze with a visit to SeaWorld. Plan a day trip or schedule an annual pass and visit more often. This makes it easy for families to plan fun times for their children or family gatherings. The park offers several amenities to make travel with young kids more enjoyable and less stressful.

Here are a few amenities the park offers for your convenience:

  • Annual pass
  • Private cabana or lounger rental
  • Quick Queue Unlimited
  • Snack bars and restaurants

The park is filled with exciting rides and slides that make the trip a thrill for everyone.

Your family can look forward to the following slides and viewings:

  • HooRoo Run
  • Kiwi Curl
  • Tassie’s Twister
  • Walkabout Waters
  • Slippity Dippity
  • Flamingos
  • Freshwater Turtles

Chula Vista California is known for year-round fun and Aquatica San Diego is a wonderful way for the family to enjoy summers while spending time with each other. This is only one of many great attractions the city has to offer.

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