An Inside Look at Life at Our Assisted Living Community in Evans, GA

From 24/7 Dining to Wellness Classes, Here’s What Our Community Has to Offer

An Inside Look At Life In Our Assisted Living Community Evans

At Marshall Pines Assisted Living and Memory Care Community, we make sure all of our residents have the opportunity to live each day to the fullest. Our community, like other nursing homes in Evans, GA strives to improve the quality of life, well-being and memory of each resident by combining Person-centered care with life enrichment programs.

Everyday is exciting for residents thanks to our variety of amenities, activities and programs, which support physical engagement, sensory stimulation, spiritual support, social connection, intellectual discovery and emotional expression daily. The opportunities are endless–from virtual reality to gardening to aromatherapy. Here’s an inside look at some of what Marshall Pines has to offer!

Memory Care Life Enrichment Program

We pride ourselves in being a well-rounded memory care community, which is why we created the Memory Care Life Enrichment Program for our residents to take part in. The program is designed around six pillars of wellness: physical engagement, sensory stimulation, social connection, intellectual discovery and emotional expression with a goal to honor the experiences and memories of residents.

Therapy Options

The life enrichment program includes a variety of therapy types to fit each individual’s needs, including sensory and VR therapy, music therapy and aromatherapy. These are designed to stimulate the senses, allowing old memories to resurface and helping to reduce anxiety and create a calming effect. Residents also have access to our sensory spas, which can help evoke positive feelings and reduce the negative effects of memory challenges, such as irritation and anxiety. Validation techniques and socialization are also included in the program. These both focus on empowering residents through positive feedback in addition to helping and encouraging them to create genuine connections to fight feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Emphasis on Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are a central part of our community, which is reflected in our Memory Care Life Enrichment Program. To promote overall well being, Marshall Pines offers an array of daily physical and mental activities for residents to participate in. Not only do these physical and mental activities stimulate the mind and body, but they serve as great opportunities for residents to socialize with each other so that they can gain a sense of community and belonging.

Mental and Physical Activities

There’s an activity for everyone at Marshall Pines! Gardening, strength training, communion, movies, dance socials and art crafts are just a few activities that residents can choose to participate in. In addition to these activities, our beautiful, well-tended gardens are perfect for daily, leisurely strolls. Not to mention the views are beautiful. The grounds include multiple secure walking paths as well as enclosed gardens, which offers residents a safe outdoor environment.

24/7 Dining Experience

We know residents have different schedules and preferences–that’s why we offer a 24/7 dining experience at our assisted living community to allow for flexibility and accommodate for every resident’s needs. Our gourmet food can be prepared at any time of day by our executive chef and team, who are also trained to meet dietary needs such as sugar-free, gluten-free and beyond. Additionally, our menu incorporates foods that are part of the Rush University Medical Center MIND diet, which fosters brain health. Paired with our memory care programs, the MIND diet works to support memory.

If you’re looking for assisted living or memory care support in Evans, GA, Marshall Pines is the place to be. Be sure to learn even more about our welcoming senior community for those in need of all-inclusive assisted living, transitional assisted living or memory care!

To learn more about nursing homes in Evans, GA or to schedule a tour of Marshall Pines, contact our friendly team today.

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