Exploring Memory Care Options For Assisted Living in Gahanna, Ohio

Learn More About Our Customized Approach to Memory Care


Sage Park Assisted Living and Memory Care community in Gahanna, Ohio takes a personalized approach to memory care, with an individualized plan created to meet the needs of each resident. This community offers a variety of care options for its residents and uses techniques that are designed to help residents feel independent, safe, and engaged. They support the memory of each community member by engaging their brains through music therapy, aromatherapy, validation techniques, socialization, health & wellness activities, and life skills stations. This holistic approach to memory care is catered towards seniors who may be experiencing memory challenges of all types.

What Exactly Are These Techniques?

Music Therapy, a popular and effective approach to tending to the memories of aging residents, is done by playing period-appropriate music that will release dopamine in the brain, triggering happy feelings throughout the body and calming agitation. Although a seemingly simple concept, using music as memory therapy has been proven to improve memory function, as well as encourage social engagement.

Another way we support memory care residents is Sensory and VR Therapy. The use of virtual reality technology stimulates the resident’s senses, which can help calm nerves, reduce anxiety, improve mood, and increase social engagement. Residents use Oculus VR headsets, which allow them to take a walk on a sandy beach, revisit a memory from a past family vacation, listen to music from their past, visit wildlife in nature, and much more. These experiences create a virtual reality that can help resurface memories, stimulate the brain, and revisit locations or experiences that they loved in the past.

Our life skills stations promote healthy brain function and allow residents to remain capable and independent. At the life skills stations, they practice guided cooking or other daily skills that they would use on a daily basis in a totally independent setting. This method allows residents to feel the accomplishment of completing essential daily tasks, as well as stimulating their senses and memories while engaging in the normalcy of life skills in a safe environment.

Holistic Care For Your Loved One

Sage Park offers assisted living in Gahanna, OH that places the individual needs of its residents first. Each resident will have access to world-class, professional care in the form of healthy diets, engaging physical and social activities, and personalized treatment plans. Our community prides itself on offering individualized memory care, where techniques like music therapy, VR therapy, and life skills stations are offered to stimulate residents’ brains and promote their wellbeing.

If it’s time to start seriously considering memory care, Sage Park offers a wide range of care options that allow our experts to create a treatment plan for your loved one that can be adjusted to fit their changing needs over time. Seniors who are experiencing memory challenges will benefit from a specialized suite of offerings, amenities, and events that support their specific social, emotional, physical, and mental needs. The holistic care offered by the Sage Park facility demonstrates both the importance and complexity of caring for your loved one throughout the aging process. Prioritize your loved one’s health, independence, and dignity by learning more about our community.

To learn more about assisted living in Gahanna, OH or to schedule a tour of Sage Park, contact our friendly team today.

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