Tips for Enjoying the Cooler Weather from an Aurora Assisted Home

Time to bring out the sweaters and festivities!

Tips for Enjoying the Cooler Weather

Get your scarves and sweaters out the summer heat is leaving and cooler weather is on the way to Aurora, Colorado! It’s time to get prepared and ensure your loved one is comfortable. Not only is it important to find activities to keep your loved ones entertained during the fall season, but also to keep their health in tip-top shape. In the cold, outdoor activities may become limited, but we’ve got some exciting indoor activities up our sleeve as well!

Consider these tips for helping your loved one prepare for and enjoy the cooler temperatures from Belleview Heights, a top assisted living home in Aurora, Colorado:

Stay Warm

One of the most obvious ways to help your loved ones enjoy the cooler weather is by making sure that they have appropriate clothing and gear for going outside. It’s ideal to have a variety of weights of clothing, to allow for layering and delayering as needed for outdoor endeavors. Additionally, you should consider investing in a heater to keep them cozy in their living space. Here are some items you should bring out of storage or purchase for your loved one to ensure they are comfortable:

  • Cozy flannels or sweaters
  • Long pants
  • Thermal underclothes
  • A warm hat, mittens, and scarf
  • Low-heeled or flat boots with traction
  • A high-quality winter coat
  • Warm cabin socks

Stay Moisturized

It’s time to stock up on some moisturizer! Cool air tends to cause the skin to become sore and dry, resulting in painful cracks and tears. Seniors are especially susceptible to this, even if they don’t go outside because the dry air can still impact the inside air. To help your loved one avoid the discomfort of dry skin, encourage them to or help them start moisturizing regularly. After showering or washing hands is a great time to add moisturizing into their routine. In addition to using lotion, drinking plenty of water and using a humidifier can help keep your loved one’s skin moisturized and healthy.

Have Fun

With the option of enjoying outdoor activities becoming limited for your loved ones, you can keep them entertained and stimulated with lots of indoor activities. Here are ideas for inspiration:

  • Enjoy a conversation with them by the fireplace over a warm cup of tea or coffee
  • Watch nostalgic holiday movies to get in the fall spirit and reminisce
  • Play your loved one’s favorite games
  • Bake sweets such as cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, pumpkin bread, etc
  • Birdwatch from the comfort of their home
  • Make a fall wreath using faux leaves–or real natural items like foliage and pinecones.
  • Go for a drive to enjoy the changing leaves

Stay Active–Physically and Mentally

Cold weather can tend to put seniors at risk for seasonal depression, as they may feel limited inside their homes. This makes keeping their body and brain active vital. There are so many different ways to stay active–here are just a few great activities for taking care of your loved one’s mental and physical health:

  • Find a good book to read to them or with them
  • Engage in indoor-friendly exercises, such as chair yoga
  • Set up a Zoom meeting with family and friends for socialization
  • Work on puzzles¡¡
  • Complete a craft or paint a picture
  • Eat nutritious and delicious meals. You can even cook them together!

There are so many ways to ensure that your loved one enjoys the cooler weather in Aurora, Colorado. The expert assisted living and memory care team at Belleview Heights hopes your family stays warm and healthy this fall by using these tips!

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