Tips for Enjoying the Holidays from a Nevada Memory Care Community

From Enjoying Yummy Food to Spending Time with Family

Tips for Enjoying the Holidays from a Nevada Memory Care Community

The holidays are an excellent time to reflect on what you’re most grateful for and spend time with those that you love. However, despite being one of the most wonderful times of the year, it can have its challenges. The most important thing is that your loved one is enjoying the holidays the way they want to. The team at Stone Valley, a top assisted living, transitional assisted living, and memory care community in Reno, NV, has put together the following tips to ensure your loved one enjoys this year’s holiday season to the max.

Eat the holiday foods they enjoy!

Nothing gets someone in the holiday spirit like baking delicious holiday cookies or decorating a gingerbread house. So many people have special memories associated with food during the holidays or specific recipes they make. Bring an old recipe to life with your loved one. You can even share it with neighbors to spread good cheer. Baking can be a fun activity to do together if you have any visitors, whether it’s baking cookies or decorating them! You can even challenge your fellow community members to a bake-off or cookie decorating contest.

Make time for their personal holiday cheer

Whether it’s holiday decorations, family heirlooms from the holidays, photographs of family or friends, or even playing your favorite holiday music, it’s essential to surround yourself and your loved one with what brings you both the most joy during the holidays. Placing your favorite holiday-specific items around your living space will create the warmth and happiness that the holidays bring. Having an area that you can spend time alone in and enjoy the holidays is just as important, if not more important, than the decoration many create for friends and family to see.

Bring the meaning of the holidays to them

Spending time with family and friends is what the holidays are all about. But if leaving their home or retirement community is too stressful for your loved one, bring the family to them! You can even let your family schedule visits with your loved one separately if having fewer people visit at a time would make it less overwhelming for them. Once the visitors have arrived, you can spend time doing your loved one’s favorite holiday activities like watching holiday movies or wrapping gifts together for others in the family. However, if seeing family and friends in person isn’t an option due to distance or other reasons, you can create a time for your loved one to chat with them virtually. Schedule a call via Zoom, Facetime, or another app to see everyone’s smiles on the screen!

Don’t overdo it

The holidays can get hectic, and the last thing you want is to overwhelm yourself or your loved one, even if it’s with holiday cheer! Make sure to include some time without visitors or formal activities for your loved one to relax, perhaps enjoy a favorite meal or treat, and watch some television or listen to music. There’s no need to plan an activity for every single moment of every day during the holidays. Sometimes simply spending time together can mean the most!

Participate in Stone Valley holiday events

Here at Stone Valley, we have events that residents can participate in to meet others in the community. Whether your loved one prefers relaxing activities like movies, creative activities such as crafts, or whether they like to stay moving with group exercise, there are plenty of ways to stay social at Stone Valley! We’d love to show you and your loved one around to see what activities our residents are enjoying this holiday season.

There are many ways to enjoy the holidays, and these are just a few of our favorites at Stone Valley.

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