Tips for Managing Medications from an Indiana Assisted Living Home

Keep Yourself and Your Loved One Healthy and On-Track with These Tips

Managing Medications

Life can get busy. Between our daily routines, unexpected events, and trying to pack our days full of fun and responsibilities, managing your loved one’s medication could be something that sometimes gets forgotten or pushed to the back burner. This rings even more true if your loved one’s medications, dosage, or schedule has changed. So how can you make sure your loved one is taking all of their medication exactly as prescribed? The expert team at Heritage Point, an Assisted Living and Memory Care community in Mishawaka, Indiana, has put together these great tips:

Use Technology

If you’re like most adults nowadays, you nearly always have a cell phone in your pocket or near you. Take advantage of medication management apps like Medisafe to record your loved one’s medication schedule.

Don’t want to download another app? Not a problem! Your cell phone should have both an alarm and a calendar feature. Setting different alarms or reminders throughout the day can help you remember not only to assist your loved one with their medications but also to any other tasks such as watering the plants or feeding a cat. You can even label each alarm or calendar reminder for the medication you need to take. Using features like this on your phone or tablet can allow you to focus on the important things–like spending time with your loved one or taking a walk with friends–instead of watching the clock to not miss a dose.

Keep Track of Results

In addition to being mindful of when you take your medications, it is also important to keep track of any side effects or symptoms your loved one might experience while taking medications, even if they’ve been using the same medication for a long time. Over time, the side effects or results of your loved one’s medication could change, and their doctor should know about any such changes.

Keeping a medication journal can be helpful here. health care plan. Keep any notes in a journal and take them with you to your loved one’s appointment.

These journals are also great for noting any other medical-related questions you want to be sure to remember when it’s time for an appointment. Between getting blood pressure and heart rate checked as well as routine examinations during your loved one’s doctor’s visit, you may forget to bring up concerns or questions you have had since our last appointment. Bringing the journal ensures you get all of your questions answered. It also gives you a place to record any changes or recommendations your loved one’s doctor may make at the appointment.

Enlist Help

Being a full-time caregiver is hard to do alone–so get help when you need it. Enlist the help of a trusted friend or family member who can be your “backup” when it comes to managing your loved one’s medication. Make sure they are totally updated on your loved one’s prescriptions, dosages, schedule, and have the contact numbers for their pharmacy and doctor. Ask them to check in with you daily or even multiple times a day to ensure that your loved one’s medical needs are met.

You may also find that getting professional help is just what you need. Just like you may hire someone to manage your landscaping or service your car, having a professional help manage your loved one’s medication is another task that you can outsource so you can spend more time focusing on the other parts of your life.

Heritage Pointe provides professional medication management services for our residents, giving you complete peace of mind that your loved ones will always have the medication they need to stay healthy and will always take their prescriptions correctly. We know that many of our residents’ medications can make all the difference in their happiness and quality of life.

To learn more about residency or to schedule a tour of Heritage Point, contact our friendly team today.

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