The Best Coffee Shops in Pharr, TX

Coffee, tea, lattes, espresso and many others are among the favorite drinks of people all around the world. People in Pharr are often in search of unique and flavorful coffee drinks. There are so many options out there, it’s sometimes difficult to find the best coffee shops in town. If in Pharr and in the mood for good coffee in a great atmosphere, there are a few places that are sure to please. Meet with friends, grab a cup on the way to work, or work while you sip from one of the many places serving up hot and cold teas and coffee in the city.

Here are a few options for great coffee shops in or near Pharr:

  • Moonbeans Coffee – Located in an old firehouse is this gem of good culture, great vibes and a hidden recipe for the best tasting coffee and tea in the area. Locals enjoy the convenience of booths with multiple outlets to charge their electronic devices and great customer service.


  • Café Grande – great coffee drinks with a personal touch from the friendly customer service offered by the baristas. Menu item favorites include the Café Grand Mocha and the Frozen White Mocha, and of course, cold brew. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and the café is conveniently located.


  • Grind Coffee Company – a cool, laid-back environment with a casual tone. The baristas are great and can always suggest a drink based on the desired taste the customer wants. There are cold and nitro cold brew options. This is a great place for date night, studying or meeting with friends.


  • Coffee Time – offers coffee and much more such as protein shakes and smoothies, that taste amazing. One of the local favorites is the Oreo Chocolate Mocha Frappe, but if your taste buds can’t handle the chocolate party, a regular cup of coffee will do.
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