Best Places to Visit in Pittsburgh

Must Visit Attractions in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a city that continues to grow and nourish families, tourists, and people near and far. A city filled with natural beauty, great places to eat, lodge, and live must offer some of the most amazing attractions in existence. Here are a few of the top attractions in Philadelphia.

The Liberty Bell Center

The Liberty Bell Center is the histrionic home of the internationally referenced symbol of freedom. Generating from Great Britain, the Liberty Bell was relocated to Philadelphia in 1752. The bell was utilized to signal the start of Pennsylvania Assembly. The bell endured a crack during its first use, and while it has been restored a couple times, it still displays signs of slight imperfection. However, it is a perfect attraction for visitors from all around.

The Franklin Institute

This is home of one of the oldest and most toured science museums in all the country. The Franklin Institute displays the science of genres from sports to space. Visitors can experience hands-on exhibitions. These exhibitions include the Fels Planetarium and the Tuttleman IMAX Theater. Science enthusiasts can’t get enough of this place. The biggest and most popular area of the institute is the Giant Heart. It is a walk-though human corpuscle that is a sight to for the eyes to see and a wonderful opportunity to experience.

The Philadelphia Zoo

The zoo is located on more than 40 acres of plush gardens and serves as home to more than 1,300 animals. It has the world’s first exploration system, known as Zoo360and a campus adorned with trails, nature-filled overhead walkways and the most beautiful lemurs, jaguars, monkeys, tigers, and lions around. The Philadelphia Zoo is commonly known as America’s first zoo.

Elfreth’s Alley

This is the oldest incessantly engaged residential street of the United States. It’s an old-world cobblestone alley in the Historic district of Philadelphia. Surrounded by a modern city, the Alley is a sanctuary that shields three centuries of evolution through its old-age anatomy of shutters, traditional brickwork, old-style flower boxes and other unique details. There is a museum located in the Alley to more clearly display the story of the old-age attraction.

Plans to visit Pittsburgh, Philadelphia in the near or distant future? Add at least one of these attractions to our itinerary. Once you visit, you’ll want to return sooner than later to take in more of the amazing attractions offered in and around the city.

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