Best Restaurants in La Quinta, California

Best Place To Eat in La Quinta

Would you rather have Japanese, Mexican, French, or Korean food? The top restaurants in La Quinta feature those cuisines in that order. Which sounds good to you for dinner tonight?

When the rest of the country envisions what Californians eat for dinner every night, they imagine something like what is served at Pokehana. The restaurant specializes in poke bowls, which typically come with raw fish, vegetables, and some sort of sauce. Those who aren’t a fan of sushi may enjoy having cooked shrimp or octopus in their bowls. Vegans can choose from tofu or coconut meat.

Reviewers love the fresh food, and they also appreciate the customer loyalty program.

Tacos Gonzalez
Are you looking for the best street taco in La Quinta? You must try them at Taco Gonzolez. This local gem is small. In fact, there are only 10 or 12 tables in the restaurant, but the service is fast and friendly.

Most reviewers mentioned the carne asada taco as being noteworthy. The California burrito and crispy taco received shout outs as well. The reviews are mixed on the salsa, but opinions often vary on what makes a good salsa.

Tacos Gonzalez also offers catering, as well.

French Rotisserie Cafe
Reviewers love everything about the French Rotisserie Cafe. This restaurant offers high-end French cuisine with top-notch service.

Visitors took time to comment on the looks of this attractive cafe, and one only has to Google pictures of the establishment to see that it is indeed cute. But a well-designed restaurant does not attract repeat business. Only good food can do that.

The rotisserie chicken seems to be their signature dish, but there were several other dishes that reviewers raved about as well. They also enjoyed the onion soup, Beef Bourguignon, and the Carava A L’Orange. When a restaurant continuously refills the bread basket with warm, French bread and offers an extensive wine list, that also helps them achieve higher reviews.

Although there are several dessert options from the French Rotisserie Cafe, none were disappointed with the incredible-looking chocolate mousse.

You Grill Korean BBQ
We’ve traveled the world when coming up with this list of the best restaurants in La Quinta. Now we find ourselves in Korea at the You Grill Korean BBQ.

If you don’t like how the food is cooked at You Grill Korean BBQ, you have no one to blame but yourself. When visiting this restaurant, you are presented with raw meat. You cook it over a gas grill that is built into the table. Some of the meat is pre-seasoned, and visitors can choose from beef, pork, or chicken.

Many of the reviewers of You Grill Korean BBQ said they enjoyed the spare ribs and garlic pork belly. The food comes with unlimited sides.

If you are looking for authentic Korean BBQ, you may be disappointed with this restaurant. Obviously, since this restaurant is highly-rated, most don’t care whether the restaurant is authentic or not.

Hopefully, this list will give you an idea of where to eat the next time you visit La Quinta.

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