Best restaurants in Tallahassee, Florida

Best Place to Eat in Tallahassee

Are you looking for the best place to eat when visiting Tallahassee? We have some suggestions for you. Here are some of the highest-rated places to eat in Florida’s capital city.

Maple Street Biscuit Company
We know that some people avoid eating at chain restaurants, but does Maple Street Biscuit Company really count as a chain if there are only locations in seven southern states? (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas)

This particular location of Maple Street Biscuit Company is located on the Florida State University campus. If you are a fan of big ole’ southern breakfasts, then you are in for a treat.

Reviewers like the restaurant’s atmosphere. Several reviewers commented that the staff would ask you a question as you were paying for the meal. Your answer would be used to announce when the customer’s food was ready.

Reviewers swear by the Squawaking Goat, which is a somewhat surprising name until you realize that the “goat” comes from the goat cheese that tops a fried chicken breast. The pepper jelly causes the goat to squawk. Almost everything on the menu is served on a fluffy, gigantic biscuit, except for maybe the Bluegrass Grits.

Red Snapper Seafood and More
Reviewers struggle to describe the menu of Red Snapper Seafood. Of course, it has seafood in its name, so you know that it will be part of the offerings. The “more” is a bit harder to describe. One of the specialties is pho, so the “more” is definitely part Vietnamese. But they also serve grits and crawfish, so the food also has a southern flare.

Regardless, this quiet, little establishment is neat and clean, but it is not fancy. It’s located in a strip mall.

Riksha Tacos
When looking at the reviews of the best restaurants in Tallahassee, one can see that the city is definitely excited over fusion foods. The owners of Riksha Tacos describe their food as Asian street food, and when looking at the menu, you will see the entire continent of Asia is covered.

Reviewers love the Notorious BBQ taco and the Ghostface Kerala taco. The mango smoothies and Vietnamese coffee are recommended, as well.

The Crum Box Gastgarden
We want to meet the owner of the Crum Box Gastgarden. First, according to the reviews, the owner is definitely one of the draws of the restaurant. Many visitors wrote about meeting the cool, chatty owner. We would also like to meet the owner to ask him about where he came up with the intriguing name for his restaurant.

The Crum Box Gastgarden tries to appeal to those who like eating in dives. It’s located in Railroad Square, and its colorful facade and railroad car exterior make it easy to find.

The Crum Box serves a variety of hot sandwiches, including hoagies and pulled pork. They are known for their housemade sausages.

Grab a beer or a White Claw and hang out in this trendy part of town.

Visitors and locals of Tally certainly love one-of-a-kind restaurants. Visit one of these today.

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