Best Restaurants in Tucson, Arizona

Best Place To Eat in Tucson

Either Tucson is full of vegetarians, or else the vegetarians are just more likely to review restaurants. Or the best vegetarian chefs in the country happen to like dry, hot weather.

Whatever the reasons, two of the top restaurants in Tucson specialize in vegetarian cuisine. Let’s learn about other places that Tucson has to offer.

Tumerico Vegetarian Food
Meat-eaters and vegetarians alike had nothing bad to say about Tumerico Vegetarian Food. While you might struggle to find a parking spot, you will not have a hard time finding something good to eat on the menu.

The viego plate is one of the most highly-recommended meals on the menu, but since the menu changes often, you might want to ask about what is available the day you visit. The chef of Tumerico knows what to do with jackfruit and prickly pear. Apparently, the mole is always a favorite, too. Although turmeric lemonade sounds like an odd flavor pairing, it works well.

Barista del Barrio
What do you get when you have a restaurant that offers excellent food at low prices? You get a line of customers.

Brave the line at Barista del Barrio. Reviewers rave about this place, so it seems as if it is worth the wait. Diners recommend the chorizo burritos and the cinnamon sweet tea.

It’s worth noting that you may have a difficult time finding parking outside Barista Del Barrio. Also, there is no inside seating available. You will either need to take the food with you or eat at one of their shaded outdoor tables.

Urban Fresh
“Fresh” is undoubtedly the most used word in Urban Fresh reviews. Not only is the word in the name of the restaurant, but it also perfectly describes the food that it serves.

Clean eating doesn’t have to be bland. Visitors should try the Green Goddess Salad, the carrot hot dogs, the pad Thai wraps, or the Power Slaw Salad.

Look for free parking nearby, even though there is a paid lot near the restaurant.

The Quesadillas
A restaurant devoted to the quesadilla? Can they open one by me?

This small establishment has received high reviews from the diners in Tucson. Patrons say that the restaurant is small but clean. The owners prefer cash, but they take credit cards. And the food . . . Well, no one has anything bad to say about the food.

There are many different quesadillas on the menu, such as the carne asada and chicken. They also offer tacos, as well. Reviewers enjoyed the el pastor tacos and shrimp tacos. The salsa bar is also popular with those dining at the restaurant.

Baja Cafe
When did brunch get so popular? It must have been when places like Baja Cafe started opening up all over the country.

Chefs say you can tell a lot about a breakfast place by the quality of the Egg’s Benedict. Since this is one of Baja Cafe’s specialties, you are probably safe ordering anything from the menu.

This popular spot is worth the wait. Try it next time you visit Tucson.

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