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Custom and Collaborative Memory Care & Transitional Assisted Living in Fountain Valley, CA

When looking for a senior living option in Fountain Valley, California, a person-centered care focused community should be first on your list of requirements. Our Park View Estates Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living Community offers a secure and empowering environment for your loved one, and creates care plans and programs tailor-made for each of our residents.

Our Orange County location means you and your loved one have incredible ease of access to some of SoCal’s best amenities. You can rest assured that your loved one will experience a healthy, safe, and peaceful retirement in our care. Here are some of our top reasons for choosing the Park View Estates Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living Community in Fountain Valley, California.

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City of Fountain Valley

Expert Senior Living in Fountain Valley, CA

Our team is highly trained, knowledgeable, and passionate, especially when it comes to creating individualized care for each of our memory care residents. Park View Estates thrives when it comes to building community among our residents and staff, and your loved one will become an integral part of our community from day one. Our person-centered approach to memory care is at the center of everything we do, ensuring all of our residents have a sense of empowerment, security, dignity, and compassion when it comes to their care.

Located in Orange County, CA

There truly is no better location for retirement than Southern California. With beautiful weather all year round, our residents at Park View Estates Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living Community truly benefit from the locale. From amazing amenities like fine dining, shopping, spas, entertainment venues, and plenty of parks and beachside, you and your loved one can benefit from being in one of the biggest cultural epicenters in the world. Close proximity to LAX means ease of access for any out-of-towners to visit their loved ones.

Serene Setting in Nature

The Park View Estates retirement community has a stunning campus with manicured lawns, fresh landscaping, gazebos, benches, and plenty of places to take a long afternoon stroll with friends and family. Senior residents can easily enjoy peaceful moments in the shade birdwatching, or afternoons laughing with their community members by our many gardens. There’s something for everyone here in Fountain Valley, CA.

Convenient Access to Amenities

Located in Fountain Valley, CA, Park View Estates offers our residents and their friends and families convenient access to some of the most important local amenities. These include Fountain Valley Regional Hospital, hotels, restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, Green Valley Park, and Mile Square Park. Taking advantage of a visit with your loved one to bring them off-campus for a special meal or field trip is easy, as almost everything you can imagine is at your fingertips.

Recreational Activities and Cognitive Stimulation

Our memory care activities are rooted in Montessori methodology and our residents benefit from a strong emphasis on community building. The six pillars of wellness (physical engagement, sensory stimulation, spiritual support, social connection, intellectual discovery, and emotional expression) are the core of our Hope Blooms program, and support our incredible enrichment programming.

Regularly scheduled activities like walking club, zumba, brain teasers, Wii bowling, and even Wheel of Fortune mean your loved one can participate in a variety of fun community building activities. Those looking to experience something unique and exciting can even partake in our VR bucket list program, which allows our residents to experience adventures to far-off places all through the safety of our residence.

Supportive and Compassionate Community

Our team’s commitment to providing individualized and compassionate care is the cornerstone of our belief system. Customized care means that your loved one will not only benefit from larger community-wide programming efforts, but also care that is completely customized to their specific wants and needs. With our highly trained and knowledgeable memory care staff, and fellow residents who bring joy to our community every day, your loved one will find a collective of friends and caregivers who are passionate about building community.

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