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Cardinal Court Memory Care & Transitional
Assisted Living in Strongsville, OH

A custom Alzheimer’s & Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living Facility in Strongsville, OH for your loved one!

Cardinal Court is not just an assisted living and memory care facility, we are an expert team focused on improving the lives of seniors. Located in Strongsville, Ohio, a vibrant suburb of Cleveland, we are pleased to offer small town charm close to big city life. Cardinal Court offers person-centered memory care and transitional assisted living. We combine a warm and comfortable lifestyle with Person-Centered care and a Life Enrichment Program based on Sunshine’s Six Pillars of Wellness: physical engagement, sensory stimulation, spiritual support, social connection, intellectual discovery, and emotional expression. Our goal is to make your loved one feel at home from the moment they enter our doors and to provide an environment that cultivates healthy living, honors choices, respects dignity, and improves overall quality of life. You can rest easy knowing that your loved one is taken care of day and night at Cardinal Court.

Custom Memory Care Starting at $5,400


Thank you to the team at Cardinal Court that helped to transition my mom during this time. Time, patience and compassion were part of the transition. Grateful she's safe and cared for while, we can't get there to see her.

— Laura Morris

Good care, classy place, really helpful for anyone who needs advice with their loved ones with dementia, and they've got a friendly staff.

— Josie Winfery

Strong management team that leads by example and participation in the daily care of the residents. Meals are pleasant, carefully planned, and individualized for each resident. Activities are plentiful and conducted with joy and enthusiasm. Jason keeps the facility in immaculate condition. The staff is really caring and good at managing the physical and emotional needs of the residents. Good communication with families. A really wonderful group who helped us when we needed it. Highly recommended.

— Laura Ashmun

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Floor Plans

To help viewers better understand the spatial quality of a space, We provide the 2D floor plan of the home.

To view a downloadable PDF, click the button.

Cardinal Court - Floor Plan

Resident Activities at Cardinal Court

View our full monthly calendar & learn more about our various daily activities 440-876-0029

Weekly Physical

Every Tuesday

– 10:30am | Armchair Yoga
– 6:00pm | Courtyard Ball Toss

Every Wednesday

– 10:30am | Strength Training
– 6:00pm | Horse Shoes

Every Friday

– 1:15pm | Nature Craft: Leaf Pressing and Stained Glass
– 6:00pm | Volleyball


– First and third Monday 6:30pm | Therapy Dog Visit
– First Thursday 3:00pm | Trip to deliver Dog Biscuits to Animal Care Clinic
– First Friday 3:00pm | Dance Social

Weekly Mental

Every Sunday

– 10:15am | Communion
– 3:00pm | Gardening

Every Monday

– 1:15am | Daily Chronicles and Devotional Readings
– 3:00pm | Crafts for a Cause: Dog Biscuit Making

Every Thursday

– 11:00am | Musical Hymns
– 6:00pm | Corn Hole Game

Every Saturday

– 10:30am | Fitness Class
– 3:00pm | Movie and Manicures


Cardinal Court - Strongsville, Ohio Senior Apartments

Why Cardinal Court is the Right Place For Your Loved One

Cardinal Court is more than just a transitional assisted living facility- we do everything we can for our residents to view the center as their home. Our location is perfect for many people, and we ensure the environment improves our residents’ quality of life.

Overall, our rooms are designed to respect the privacy of those living in them. We include several safety features so that our residents can access our team whenever they need assistance. If your loved one wants to stay independent while living at our center, we provide them with everything that they need to do just that.

If you need to find reliable housing and living assistance for your senior loved ones, we are here for you. Our team also has the training, experience, and resources needed to provide care for Alzheimer’s and memory issues.

  • The Setting

    The Cardinal Court facility is located near Cleveland, offering a suburb setting. This placement means many hospitals, specialty centers, shops, and parks near the facility. Our team encourages the residents to enjoy nature in the surrounding areas.

    If your loved one spent their life living in one of the nearby big cities, Cardinal Court would be a much-needed change of pace for them. We provide a relaxing atmosphere- which is very different from the bustling city life.

    Cardinal Court is a professional, welcoming, and caring setting. We always ensure that your loved one’s surroundings encourage them to socialize and work on their hobbies. Plus, we make sure the environment is able to better their physical and emotional health.

  • The Services

    Cardinal Court offers a wide selection of activities for your loved ones to take part in. There are fitness activities, crafting times, social events, and plenty more for them to do. We also offer outdoor games and have well-kept walking paths outside of the facility.

    If you want to learn more about the activities we have planned, be sure to read the schedule above. We offer Armchair Yoga, a monthly social dance, and plenty more. Our creative activity director always ensures that the planned events are suitable for seniors. That way, they can enjoy themselves with each activity.

    Finally, we also make occasional field trips with our residents. If they would like to participate, we travel to nearby areas and spend the day there. These trips can vary, so if you are interested, be sure to ask us about the next one we are planning.

  • Let Us Help You!

    We understand that choosing a living center for your loved ones is hard. We are here to assist you throughout the entire process. If you would like to schedule a tour with us, be sure to call us at (440) 876-0029 or fill out the email contact form.

    Our team will answer all of your questions, so do not hesitate to ask us about the small details. We want you to feel confident in Cardinal Court- so we offer you all the information you want. Be sure to plan a tour with us so you can see the grounds and the available rooms.

To find more of our locations, visit our locations page.
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