All-Inclusive Independent Living: An Ideal Choice For Active Seniors

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Seniors Are Choosing Retirement Communities to Maximize Their Active Lifestyles

When many people think of downsizing to a senior living community, they think of their grandmother’s nursing home. They think of a hospital-like setting that people go to—kicking and screaming—when they are out of options. But today’s all-inclusive, resort-style senior living facilities are changing that perception.

More and more, seniors are selling their homes to fund an active retirement lifestyle in independent living communities. And for the residents at Country Club Village Retirement Community in Hot Springs, Arkansas, many times, relocating means upgrading their lifestyle.

Residents start to experience worry-free, luxury living right at the moment they move in. Country Club Village offers an easy-move program to assist residents with the logistics and stress associated with moving, including real estate, financial services, moving professionals, veteran assistance, and more. The community boasts free common area WiFi, front desk concierge service, weekly housekeeping, and on-call apartment maintenance. And the community offers no fewer than six different floor plans for residents to choose from, including 1- and 2-bedroom cottages, all with spacious decks to enjoy the beautiful Arkansas weather.

And while each of the floorplans is equipped with its own kitchen, residents don’t have to cook for themselves. Country Club Village offers 24/7 dining in the community’s dining room, where it’s easy to become a little spoiled by the Executive Chef’s selection of fresh, delicious food. And residents with special dietary needs don’t have to worry, as the chef is trained and happy to accommodate residents with dietary restrictions, such as low gluten and sugar-free diets, and much more.

The community also employs a Life Enrichment Director, who makes sure that the activity calendar is packed full of physical, cultural, and social activities for residents to enjoy. Residents can meet for exercise classes, including cardio exercises with bands or weights, stretching, and yoga, every day of the week. They can also enjoy organized physical activities such as beanbag baseball and line dancing lessons. Each Wednesday, the group heads out to another outing in Hot Springs. And on Fridays, residents can meet their neighbors for a community happy hour.

Seniors who relocate to Country Club Village will also find that they no longer have to worry about transportation. They can find a computer center, library, hair salon, and gym just steps away. The community also provides complimentary transportation to doctors’ visits, banks, beauty salons, shopping, and grocery stores, as well as the scheduled community outings.

Residents are always free to enjoy the outdoors on the community’s well-maintained 28-acre property, located just outside of Hot Springs National Park. But when they want a change of pace, Country Club Village’s unique travel program gives them the chance to explore 13 vibrant cities in six states, all while enjoying the comforts they know and love. Residents simply choose which of Country Club Village’s sister communities they’d like to visit and call to reserve the guest suite there. Then, it’s as simple as hopping on a flight to visit a new city.

Finally, residents and their families can be confident that Country Club Village is the perfect long-term option for their care and independence. Active seniors can enjoy the luxury apartment-style living, coming and going as they please. But should their care needs change, Country Club Village partners with a local third-party caregiving service to provide a neighborhood within the community specifically focused on providing assistance of daily living for residents who require additional levels of care. All residents of all care levels have access to the community’s professional, caring staff 24 hours a day.

With all of these features and benefits, it’s easy to see why today’s active seniors would choose a luxury independent living community for a fun-filled retirement.

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How This Dunwoody Senior Community is Preparing for an Awesome Autumn

All-Inclusive Senior Living Means a Full Calendar of Fall Fun

In Georgia, it’s easy to forget that fall technically starts in September. Average daily temperatures hover around 77 degrees, and swimming pool season never really ends on Labor Day. But those lingering summer vibes haven’t stopped Dunwoody Pines Retirement Community from preparing a fun-filled calendar of fall activities for its residents.

It’s no secret that football, tailgates, and fall go hand in hand. So to kick off the first day of fall on September 23, Dunwoody Pines hosted a Visiting Nurse Presents event, which focused on FootballTailgate Party Games & Snacks.

Dunwoody Pines residents also love a good card or board game, so the staff at the community makes sure to organize plenty of opportunities for friends to get together to play. In just the first week of autumn, the activities calendar included multiple meetups for Mahjongg, Bridge, Bingo, and Rummikub. And every Wednesday and Saturday, the community gets together for Jeopardy.

While summer may be the season for blockbuster movies, Dunwoody Pines does not plan to stop gathering for movie nights or matinees just because fall is here. Every single day, residents can meet their neighbors for a movie at both 2:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. And if they are feeling like getting in on the action, residents can challenge each other to video games like Wii Bowling every Tuesday.

But don’t let the board games, video games, and movies fool you—Dunwoody Pines residents are staying active this fall, too. On Mondays, residents can join in for Cardio Exercise. They can also enjoy Zumba every other Wednesday and a 15-minute Ab Blast class on Thursdays. They can even meet up for a friendly game of balloon volleyball. And on Sunday afternoons, the community’s Walking Club meets in the facility’s Bistro area at 2:00 p.m.

This fall, Dunwoody Pines will also continue its weekly tradition of community outings, which includes a special activity and lunch at a different local eatery each week. The activities calendar will also include special events each week, such as a Dojo Karate Performance and PaperFortune Cookie Making. And, in honor of the Jewish tradition of eating apples and honey on Rosh Hashanah, residents can also participate in a honey tasting with apples on September 30.

If specialized, themed activities are not to residents’ taste, they can always meet up with their neighbors more informally. Each Monday, Dunwoody Pines hosts a “Coffee and Chat” in the Bistro area of the community, where residents can enjoy a warm cup of coffee and some conversation with their neighbors. And on the second Saturday of the month, residents can cuddle and play with their adorable furry friends when the therapy pets come to visit.

Residents can also take advantage of the slightly cooler fall weather and gather in Dunwoody Pines’ beautiful outdoor seating areas. Or, if the autumn chill becomes too much to handle, residents can simply choose to meet indoors over any meal of the day with the community’s 24/7 Dining experience. They can also meet up with their neighbors to get their hair done at the community’s hair salon, get in a workout at the community’s gym, or enjoy some reading at the library or computer center.

Be sure to remain updated on the rest of the fall festivities at Dunwoody Pines by downloading the community’s most recent activities calendar.

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Summerfield’s Therapy Thursdays Prove That Laughter Is Still the Best Medicine

The English word therapy comes from the Latin word therapīa, which literally means “curing” or “healing.”

As we get older, we’re bound to experience more physical aches and pains, and maybe a few mental maladies as well. Naturally, the more challenges we face, the more healing and therapy we need. While there’s only so much that Sunshine Retirement communities can do in terms of providing physical remedies to residents, there’s no limit to what we can offer when it comes to therapeutic activities that deliver mental stimulation and positive reinforcement

This month at Summerfield Estates in Tigard, Oregon, Life Enrichment Director Anthony Nosen has introduced Therapy Thursdays, an assortment of therapy sessions that have been popular at other Sunshine communities, along with a few new wrinkles.

Like many other Sunshine Retirement communities, the staff at Summerfield Estates found that Pet Therapy, Massage/Aroma Therapy, Garden Therapy, and Music Therapy sessions have helped residents stimulate physical and emotional bonds, relax tired muscles, and develop a strong sense of responsibility with ample rewards. But Anthony has taken things a few steps further by initiating Art Therapy and Theater & Laughter Therapy.

“ The Hand/Massage Aromatherapy is something I have been trained on through an essential oils program,” said Anthony. “The calming lavender type oils are used along with mineral oil, or a non-scented lotion while massaging the whole hand and wrist on both sides. This is huge for those with Contracture or Arthritis in their finger joints, allowing for better mobility and relief from pain.”

Garden Therapy is designed to benefit residents who enjoy getting their hands dirty while nurturing flowers and plants, as well as those who don’t.

“ For active gardeners, manipulating the soil and experiencing the feels, sights, and smells of the garden is a form of meditation,” says Anthony. “But we also have a group that simply enjoys the outdoors with a variety of breathing and meditation journeys.”
Music Therapy usually involves a certified therapist that brings in interactive music programs for small groups or individuals. It is especially helpful for Memory Care or bed-bound residents.

“ Art Therapy is always a fun, tactile event,” says Anthony. “It usually involves manipulating clay or finger-paints with meditative music playing in the background. We create art based more on feelings and emotions, rather than the sight of an object.”

By far the most unique of this month’s activities at Summerfield Estates has been the Theater & Laughter Therapy, which got rolling with a variety of improvisational games and skits. Then the group switched gears to a series of improv scenes and one-liners intended to make each participant laugh for as long as possible.

“ Laughter and acting, in general, have healing properties much like Music Therapy,” says Anthony.“It eases the mind along with re-firing the synapses in the brain for a variety of brain benefits.”

Whatever the physiological explanation, the activity left all who attended in great humor with big broad smiles on their faces. And we can’t think of any better evidence of healing than that.

*This blog was first published here: Sunshine Retirement Living, March, 2019.