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Central Parke Memory Care & Transitional
Assisted Living in Mason, OH

Person-Centered, custom Alzheimer’s & Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living Facility in Mason, OH for your loved one!

Central Parke is not just a memory care facility; we are a person-centered memory care community. We are located in beautiful Mason, Ohio, which was identified by a national survey as one of the best places to live in the United States. Central Parke offers a warm, comfortable lifestyle for those in need of person-centered memory care and transitional assisted living in Mason, Ohio. We combine Person-Centered Care opens a new window with a robust Life Enrichment Program that embraces Sunshine’s Six Pillars of Wellness opens a new window: physical engagement, sensory stimulation, spiritual support, social connection, intellectual discovery, and emotional expression.

Our goal is to provide care that empowers residents, improves their quality of life, enhances dignity, honors choice, supports their independence, and promotes positive well-being. We do this by offering person-centered care suited to each individual residents’ needs and lifestyle, so you can rest assured that our experienced and professional staff is providing the care your loved one needs at any time of the day or night.

Person-Centered, Custom Memory Care Starting at $5,500


Central Parke Alzheimer's Special Care Center is new. They’ve only been open since August, and it’s beautiful. My mother has only been there since Sunday, but I’m very impressed; it’s impeccable. The rooms are beautiful, and I like the fact that she has her own bathroom that has a shower in it. A lot of the Alzheimer's units have community showers, and I think that takes some dignity away.

— caring.com

We were quite impressed with Central Parke. It was a well-maintained facility that looked like it had good care. It was clean, and the people were well cared for. The rooms were bigger than most other apartment rooms and there were plenty of secure walking areas inside the facility, which is what we were looking for. The grounds were beautiful, well-maintained, and in a protected spot where you knew the person could be cared for.

— caring.com

The community is very neat and clean, everyone working here is very nice! I felt very welcome when I visited the community. The staff is helpful, very caring, This is a great place!!

— caring.com

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Floor Plans

To help viewers better understand the spatial quality of a space, We provide the 2D floor plan of the home.

To view a downloadable PDF, click the button.

Central Parke - Floor Plan

Resident Activities at Central Parke

View our full monthly calendar & learn more about our various daily activities 513-234-9047

Weekly Physical

Every Tuesday

– 10:30am | Armchair Yoga
– 6:00pm | Courtyard Ball Toss

Every Wednesday

– 10:30am | Strength Training
– 6:00pm | Horse Shoes

Every Friday

– 1:15pm | Nature Craft: Leaf Pressing and Stained Glass
– 6:00pm | Volleyball


– First and third Monday 6:30pm | Therapy Dog Visit
– First Thursday 3:00pm | Trip to deliver Dog Biscuits to Animal Care Clinic
– First Friday 3:00pm | Dance Social

Weekly Mental

Every Sunday

– 10:15am | Communion
– 3:00pm | Gardening

Every Monday

– 1:15am | Daily Chronicles and Devotional Readings
– 3:00pm | Crafts for a Cause: Dog Biscuit Making

Every Thursday

– 11:00am | Musical Hymns
– 6:00pm | Corn Hole Game

Every Saturday

– 10:30am | Fitness Class
– 3:00pm | Movie and Manicures


Central Parke - Mason, Ohio Senior Apartments

Why Mason is the right place for your loved one

Central Parke Memory Care is one of the best senior care facilities around for your loved ones. We don’t just care for your loved one’s memories, but also every part of them, focusing on inclusivity. We do it all in lovely Mason, Ohio, which was voted as one of the most excellent places to live in the United States.

Dealing with Alzheimer’s can be challenging, which is why we always strive to help your loved one embrace our six pillars of wellness: Physical engagement, spiritual support, sensory stimulation, social connection, emotional expression, and intellectual discovery. We don’t just look after physical needs, but we also focus on the mental and spiritual side as well. 

Some adults see going into an assisted living facility as a ‘sacrifice,’ or they feel like they are ‘giving something up’ by being cared for. At our facility, nothing is further from the truth as we try to empower our residents and allow them to keep their independence. We want to make and keep our guests happy, and we do that in several ways.

  • Living Comfortably

    Rather than being crammed into communal buildings like sardines, each of our residents and their families has spacious apartments with their own bathrooms and showers. Your loved one might not be at home, but we will still give them a place to call their own and a place they can be comfortable in. 

    We want our residents to have their independence as long as possible, and our staff is trained and dedicated to providing a warm environment for all our patients. Many of our team have loved ones as well, so we treat your family how we would want ours to be treated. 

    But that doesn’t mean that their safety is put at risk, and all of our apartments are equipped with safety pull cords and other devices. If your loved one needs help with something or has an accident, then we can be there to help them right away.

  • The Setting

    Central Parke is near the hospitals of UC Health West Chester and the Christ Hospital Medical Associates. Your loved one can experience all the benefits of the beautiful Mason, Ohio location while also knowing that they are only a few minutes away from high-quality care should they need it.

  • The Staff

    Every member of our staff is dedicated to helping your loved ones care for all their needs. We offer several solitary and social activities with the team and other members to foster a sense of community. From cornhole to bingo, dancing to craft making, we’ve got lots of activities to help keep your loved one engaged and having fun!

    Picking the right place to put your loved ones can be challenging, even if you are only doing it for the short term. But we want to help by offering the finest amenities and highest personalized care for everyone who walks through our door, no matter what they need from us.

To view a list of all of our locations, visit our locations page.
Visit our Google Maps Page too!

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