Frequently Asked Questions

How does Waterford Terrace determine if my needs change as a independent living resident? Will I be forced to leave?

The team of people ensuring that the community is able to meet your needs includes your primary care doctor, your Executive Director at the independent living community, yourself, and your family if you choose to include them in your care. Any member of this team can bring forward concerns about the facility’s ability to meet your changing needs, initiating an evaluation and review.

In many cases, an independent living community will partner with a 3rd-party care provider to offer you additional services to help you age in place and remain in independent living longer. These additional care services are arranged between you or your family and the provider and is a contract you enter separately from the facility, although many times the facility can help arrange these introductions and schedule for the care provider to tend to your new daily or weekly needs.

If it’s determined that the facility isn’t able to meet your needs, your Executive Director will work closely with you (and your family if you choose) to help you transition to a community qualified to provide the services you need.

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