Frequently Asked Questions

What does a memory care facility in Tucson cost versus an in-home care provider?

It’s very challenging to compare in-home care to a memory care facility for several reasons. When calculating the cost of in-home care, it’s important to include:

  • Mortgage or rent payments
  • Lost wages for caregivers providing assistance
  • Groceries and other dining costs (keeping in mind that you may be able to benefit from one meal a day from meals on wheels)
  • In-house doctor’s visits (for those who choose this option)
  • The cost of utilities
  • Entertainment and therapies
  • Medications

When you choose a memory care community instead, all of these components are included in one monthly rate, so no calculations are necessary. You know what to expect (and peace of mind is priceless).

If interested in learning more about the cost of memory care at Copper Canyon Assisted Living & Memory Care, please Contact us today.

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