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What is TBI (traumatic brain injury) dementia and can a memory care facility such as Cardinal Court help?

Dementia is a broad term that describes a group of illnesses that all cause cognitive decline such forgetfulness, problems with communication, difficulty following directions, etc.

Dementia following a traumatic brain injury results from encephalopathy caused by repetitive brain trauma (concussions) often found in athletes resulting in progressive deterioration of brain tissue and the build-up of tau protein. Media often refers to this as “pugilistic dementia” because it was first identified among professional boxers – the most famous of whom is Muhammad Ali. These changes begin months, years, or even decades after the last brain trauma or end of active athletic involvement.

Symptoms of TBI Dementia include memory loss, confusion, impaired judgment, impulse control problems, aggression, depression, and, eventually, progressive Dementia. While this disease is not reversible, a healthier lifestyle with a balanced diet, increased exercise, regimented medication management can help to manage the symptoms.

The caring team at Cardinal Court in Strongsville, Ohio is trained in techniques to assist your loved one in navigating the challenges of TBI dementia.

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