8 Fall Activities For Seniors From This Gahanna Assisted Home

Enjoy The Cooler Weather With These Fun Ideas [Fall Season]

8 Fall Activities For Seniors To Enjoy

Summer is a blast with its pool days, beach trips, water games, and fun in the sun. But as summer winds down and fall approaches, a whole new set of entertaining activities opens up! At Sage Park, an all-inclusive, custom Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s & Memory Care Facility in Gahanna, OH, we love celebrating every season with our residents. Our expert team has put together these great ideas for having fun with your loved one this fall:

Visit A Pumpkin Patch

The quintessential activity to embrace the feeling of fall is visiting a pumpkin patch. Bring your loved one and some family and friends and pick out a few pumpkins from the sea of orange to take home with you! This outdoor activity is great for a low-stress afternoon of socializing, light exercise, and getting into the mood for a wonderful fall. Many pumpkin patches also offer fun treats like apple cider donuts and homemade pies to take home!

Check Out the Fall Foliage

In Gahanna, Ohio, you won’t have to go far to find trees with changing colors and falling leaves! A fun and easy way to embrace fall is by taking your loved one on outdoor walks near local parks or a simple drive to see the symbolic brown, yellow and orange leaves of fall. The sight of the changing season is a uniquely beautiful aspect of autumn, one that everyone should be able to appreciate.

Head to a Sports Game

For many people, the fall season is synonymous with “football season”. Spend some time with your loved one, family, and friends at a local sports game that plays in the fall, like football, and cheer on your favorite teams! If you can’t make it to a game in person, you can always make your own “tailgates” for fall sports games—just grab some food, drinks, and friends, and turn on the TV!

Go Shopping

Although shopping is an activity that can be enjoyed at any time of the year, there is something so fun about picking out some new staple pieces of clothing for fall. Whether you want to choose some new slippers or a scarf for your loved one, or a cozy sweater to help them stay warm as the weather cools down, use the changing season as an excuse to hit the shops! Sage Park has many retail stores nearby where residents and their families can revamp their closets for the fall weather.

Bake Some Treats

There are certain foods, particularly baked goods, that always seem perfect for the fall weather. An afternoon with your loved one spent baking homemade apple or pumpkin pie, or some snickerdoodle or gingerbread cookies could be the perfect activity to embrace the feeling of autumn. The best part about this activity? Getting to eat the treats afterward!

Plan A Trip to Visit Family or Friends

Fall marks the near of the holiday season, which often makes people think of quality time with friends and family. A great way to spend some time this fall could be planning and going on a trip to visit loved ones and reconnecting with them as the holiday season approaches.

Make A Fall-Themed Artistic Creation

Whether it is a drawing of a Thanksgiving turkey, or a scrapbook, or an art piece with a fall color scheme, there are many ways to get creative and artistic this autumn. Not only is participating in arts and crafts a fun and light-hearted activity, but it is a great way for seniors to challenge their brain, motor skills, and of course creativity, all in the name of fall!

Let’s Start Getting Spooky!

Is there anything more “fall” than decorating for Halloween? If your loved one enjoys Halloween decorations, start getting into the spooky spirit by picking up some fun Halloween-themed decor, like plastic skeletons, fake spider webs, or even an inflatable ghost! If you’ve been in a retail store lately and seen their displays ready to go, you know it’s never too early to start getting into the spirit of the fall holidays.

Make the Most of This Fall!

It’s almost time to start enjoying the changing colors of the trees and the joyful spirit of the upcoming holidays. Use some of these ideas from the Sage Park retirement community to make the most of this fall with your loved one and try some new things that help you channel the feeling of autumn!

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