A Week of Resident Activities at This Pittsburgh Personal Care Home

A Closer Look At Daily Life at The Haven

A Week of Resident Activities For Seniors

At The Haven at North Hills, there is always a surplus of fun, engaging activities for residents! We strive to support our residents in every aspect of their wellbeing, so we offer both physical and intellectual activities daily so that seniors can promote their overall health, and enjoy doing it.

Our weekly schedules are released so that each resident knows when it’s time to enjoy games like Jeopardy or attend physically engaging classes like “Stretch It Out” to work on their flexibility and overall fitness. Residents at The Haven have no need to wait for the weekend to have fun–Monday through Fridays are always full of exciting opportunities. Here’s an example of what a Monday through Friday week at The Haven might look like for a senior resident:


Let’s get creative! At 10:30 am, join the group class ‘Artful Creations’ to channel your artistic side in a variety of fun ways. Whether it be drawing, painting, or crafting, residents can use these art classes to stimulate their brains in a fun, relaxing way– and get a fun piece of their own artwork out of it as well. These classes, although more intellectually oriented, are also good for getting residents to use their hands in a way that hones their motor skills, balance, and strength. Art classes also stimulate residents’ minds to promote healthy cognitive function and memory support. Who knew it could be so fun to work on one’s health?


On Tuesday, one physical activity that is perfect for seniors who are looking to relive their athletic glory days is “Let’s Play Ball!” Although the name is pretty self-explanatory, seniors can attend this class to play a variety of games no matter their physical abilities, all while socializing with fellow residents and engaging in some friendly competition. This fitness activity is great for letting seniors play the games of their youth in a safe, controlled environment, where the staff can cater to all different levels of fitness to make sure everyone is included in the way that works for them. Playing ball is also a great way to meet fellow residents, and make some new friends. So seniors, get ready to grab a ball, jump on a team, and play!


Tired of watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune on TV and ready to get in the action? Residents can spend their Wednesday nights at The Haven playing both of these games in real life with their friends, and hopefully, win big! These games are the perfect way to spend an evening socializing, stimulating intellectual health, and, of course, having fun.


A great way to relax on Thursdays is the Patio Ponderings, where residents can hang out, socialize and discuss whatever they feel like talking about. This activity is great for seniors who aren’t feeling up to physical activity but still want to engage in intellectually stimulating group classes. Residents can learn about their peers, make new friends, and reminisce while hanging out in the fresh air of the patio!


To end off the week, residents can spend a morning at the group exercise class “Stretch It Out!” This class is great for improving flexibility, working on mobility, and feeling ready for the day. Seniors can participate in this class at a variety of fitness levels, and just do what feels right for them! The best way to end the week, and of course prepare for the weekend, is some gentle exercise with fellow residents that will leave seniors feeling awesome, fit, and healthy.

Ready For Your Week?

If this example of an activity-packed week sounds like something your loved one would enjoy, we would love to show you more about our community! We can’t wait to learn more about how we can welcome your loved one home to The Haven at North Hills!

To learn more about residency or to schedule a tour of The Haven at North Hills, contact our friendly team today.

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