Benefits of Swimming For Seniors From a Rio Grande Retirement Home

Water Exercise Helps you Stay Mentally And Physically Healthy


Not only is swimming a great way for you to stay cool this summer, but it also has many awesome health benefits. Luckily, here at Brook Ridge, our residents have access to the pool that is located at The Gardens, which is right on our campus. Our residents love to take advantage of the pool so they can get outside, cool off, exercise, and socialize with friends! To learn more about why you should consider swimming if you don’t already, here are some of six benefits of water exercises from Brook Ridge, one of the best 55 and over communities in the McAllen, Texas area:

Low Impact: Gentle on Joints

Swimming is easy on the joints because it is a non-weight-bearing and low-impact exercise. The buoyancy of the water helps reduce the effect of gravity, so you don’t have to support all of your body weight on your own. This allows you to have a full-body workout without the pressure on your hips, knees, and spine that a land exercise may require. If you have arthritis or another similar condition, swimming is a great exercise because it can help reduce joint pain, while still allowing you to stay active.

Improves Flexibility and Range of Motion

Since the buoyancy of water can help reduce strain on joints, swimming also promotes flexibility and range of motion in seniors. Having less strain means that you can more easily move your limbs through an increased range of motion when in the water. Swimming regularly and using your full range of motion can help increase hip, leg, arm, and neck flexibility, along with alleviating back pain and improving posture. Make sure to stretch before and after swimming too, because that will also help you increase flexibility!

Boosts Mental Health

There are so many different ways that swimming can help boost your mental health. The simple activity itself can help reduce stress, boost mood and stimulate your brain. Additionally, it can be a social activity–whether you go with a friend or join a class. This can help maintain a positive, active social life and relationships with your peers. Swimming is also proven to result in better sleep among seniors since it is a high-calorie burning exercise that leaves you tired. With better sleep, you’ll have more energy and reduced stress!

Improves Heart Health

Swimming is a great way to improve your heart health. Research has proven that swimming regularly can reduce risk of heart and lung disease, reduce blood pressure, improve circulation and raise good cholesterol levels. Water exercise can also make your heart stronger and larger, as well as improving your cardiovascular health and endurance. However, if you do have a heart condition, it’s important to check with your doctor before swimming if you haven’t already.

Improves Muscle Strength and Tone

Swimming is a full-body exercise, meaning it works all of your major muscle groups such as your legs, upper body and core. By strengthening your muscles overall when engaging in water exercises, your posture and stability will improve, which can result in decreased risk of falls. Not only will swimming help you grow stronger, but you’ll also notice lean muscle forming the more you do it!

From basic swimming to water aerobics, exercising in the water is a great way for you to improve your overall mental and physical health. If you’re looking at senior apartments near McAllen, TX with awesome amenities, including a pool, Brook Ridge is just the place for you!

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