How Do Retirement Communities in Massachusetts Support Active Seniors?

Everything From Group Outings to Fitness Classes

Healthy Lifestyle, Activities for Active Seniors

Staying physically active is extremely important as we age. It helps promote brain health, supports mobility, boosts mood and so much more! We understand that many seniors looking into independent living communities have a desire to stay physically active, which is why at The Woods at Merrimack, a Methuen retirement community, we offer so many opportunities to accommodate our residents so that they can maintain their activity levels, or even help them begin their fitness journey. If you’re looking for a retirement community in Massachusetts that supports active seniors, The Woods at Merrimack is a new community in the beautiful Merrimack Valley that has plenty to offer.

Walking Buddies

Walking is a great way to stay active, and it’s even more enjoyable when you have beautiful grounds to explore like the ones at and near the Woods at Merrimack! Not only is this a great way to stay active and get your heart rate up, but it’s also an excellent way to meet new people and socialize with your fellow residents, allowing you to strengthen both your physical and mental health.

Yoga and Meditation

Here at the Woods at Merrimack, we offer a variety of yoga classes for residents to choose from. Yoga offers a multitude of health benefits, from improved strength, balance and flexibility, to better sleep, less stress, back pain relief, and more. Meditation is a great practice to pair with yoga. Practicing meditation, even for 5 minutes, is a great way to clear your mind after completing yoga classes.

Wii Fitness

Whether it’s a rainy day or you just enjoy video games, Wii Fit is a fun way to stay active. Wii Fit is a gaming console that combines fitness with fun and is designed for everyone. With the use of a remote control, users can engage in active virtual games such as bowling, dancing, tennis, golf or full fitness programs.

Local Attractions

With our door-to-door transportation, we can take residents to whichever local attractions they desire. Our community is located in a soothing natural environment that offers abundant landscapes and beautiful forests that residents can explore. We are not far from Boston, so strolling the city is another great way to get a walk-in with a change of scenery!

Outdoor Games

Our grounds have a variety of outdoor fitness opportunities, such as playing tennis on our courts and putting on our putting green. One of our residents’ favorite ways to stay active outside is participating in our cornhole events, which we hold multiple times a week! We are also located just across the street from the Merrimack Valley Golf Club, which many of our residents love to take advantage of.

Dog Park

Our community is dog-friendly, so why not make a trip to the dog park! Playing catch with your dog at the park is a great way to spend time with your pet and fellow residents, while also getting some exercise. If you don’t have a dog, our friendly residents will not mind if you come out to visit and watch the dogs play! And the resident dogs will love the additional attention.

Exercise Classes

No matter your activity level or exercise preference, we offer a variety of classes to meet our residents’ needs. Here are just a few that our residents can enjoy:

  • Powercise Weights
  • Balance Class
  • Circuit Class
  • Stretch and Flex
  • Powercise Chair Exercises
  • Music and Movement

From visiting local parks, to participating in exercise classes, the Woods at Merrimack is here to help support you in maintaining or enhancing your active lifestyle. We would love to have you visit to check out our fitness facilities and events!

To learn more about residency or to schedule a tour of The Woods at Merrimack, contact our friendly team today.

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