How To Host Game Night For Seniors From a La Mesa Retirement Community

Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

How To Host a Game Night For Seniors in La Mesa

Who’s ready to host an awesome game night? Here’s some advice from Waterford Terrace, a La Mesa retirement community, for how to properly prepare for a night of cards, board games, trivia, and whatever else you may want to play with friends and loved ones. Follow these tips, and you will be totally prepared to have a perfect night of friendly competition and fun. Let’s get started!

Choosing Your Games

This may be an obvious first step, but you must first decide what games you want to bring to the table for your night of fun. Whether it’s cards, bingo, trivia, or all of the above, deciding ahead of time what activities you want to do will help ensure you are prepared. Once you have picked out your games, gather any necessary supplies to play, and either review the rules ahead of time or provide instructions on how to play properly. Once you have your games down, it’s time to move onto step two–location, location, location!

Where To Play

Choosing where to host your game night is a crucial step–if you’re playing outside, you may need to remind players to wear weather-appropriate clothing, or have lights so that players will be able to see if it gets too dark! You’ll also want to keep an eye out for storms to alert your guests if the event will be rain-checked or moved inside. If you are inside, make sure your space is arranged so that everyone is included in the games. Making sure you have enough seating, a large table to play on if necessary, and space for the guests you invite are all factors that go into planning a game night. Then, once you have found your perfect spot, it’s time to call up your players!

Invite Friends and Family

So you have everything needed to play your games and a place to play them, but you still need players! Gather up friends and family who are ready for a fun night filled with some competition, laughter, and socializing (and hope that no one is a sore loser!). Give people a few days to a week notice before your event so that they can clear their schedules and be more likely to go–the more, the merrier! Asking people to RSVP is also a great idea, because you may need to know how many people are playing to make teams, arrange seating, and more. Once you have the guest list solidified, it’s off to the store for everyone’s favorite part: the food!

Food and Drinks

Is it really game night if you don’t have a few bowls of chips and a cold drink in your hand? The last, but certainly not least step to an incredible game night is to get some snacks and drinks for all the players to enjoy. Some classics are chips, fresh vegetables and dip, wings (don’t forget the napkins), and pizza to share. Ask your friends and family what food they would enjoy, and make sure you are aware of any allergies or dietary restrictions.

Drinks are also important! Grab some cups so that your guests can enjoy their refreshing beverage of choice, and perhaps a cooler of ice if you will be away from a refrigerator. If you and your guests are going to be at the top of your games, staying hydrated and making sure not to play on an empty stomach is key!

Game Time

See, that was easy! Follow our simple steps to hosting game night for seniors, and it will be a great party filled with laughter and fun–and hopefully some winning! Determining your games, picking your location, reaching out to your guests, and bringing food and drinks will ensure your night runs smoothly, and everyone enjoys themselves.

Game nights at Waterford Terrace are a favorite for our residents, so don’t miss out on hosting your own fun!

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