Resolutions for Seniors from a Fountain Valley Alzheimer’s Facility

Fun and Healthy Resolutions That are Perfect For You and Your Senior Loved Ones.


It’s hard to believe that 2020 is almost over. This has been a crazy year to say the least, but it has also given all of us some much-needed time for personal development. As we head into a new year, some of us might be thinking about their goals for 2021 and may even set a new year’s resolution or two. Setting goals is important for everyone, but it can be especially beneficial for seniors to help maintain their youthfulness and health! Our expert team at Park View Estates Assisted Living and Memory Care has put together some fun and healthy resolutions that are perfect for you and your senior loved ones.

Make Healthier Choices

This one might seem obvious. It seems that most people set their sights on getting in shape or dieting in January every year, only to go back to their old ways by February. In order to make a resolution reachable, it has to be realistic. We recommend a resolution to be to simply make healthier choices rather than aim for a complete overhaul. Something as simple as exercising for 10 minutes a day or eating an extra serving of vegetables is very doable and can make a huge difference in overall health.

Start a New Hobby

Have you always wanted to learn how to knit? Cook? Build model airplanes? Whatever the case may be, there is no better time to start than the beginning of a new year! If you are heading into next year feeling like the last might have been too stressful for you, we suggest finding a soothing hobby to help you relax and ease your mind.

Reach out to Old Friends

Anytime is a good time to rekindle old friendships, but especially the new year. If you have been thinking about reaching out to your high school best friend, here’s your sign that you should. Give them a call and see how they are doing. Maybe the two of you could set a resolution together and keep each other accountable.

Start a Gratitude Journal

There is so much to be thankful for in this world. The smallest things like food on our table or warm weather can often be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of daily life. We recommend starting a gratitude journal to help you focus on the good things when the not so good things feel overwhelming. Feel free to start small. Write down three to five things that you are grateful for one to two times a week. Taking the time to be grateful can really lift your spirits!

Challenge your Brain Daily

As seniors age, they can benefit from giving their brains a little exercise! Working on puzzles, reading, learning new things, and any of the previous resolutions mentioned above are all excellent ways to challenge your brain. By doing your chosen activity daily, you are ensuring your mental health stays as strong as possible for as long as possible. Again, start small so that you can turn your goal into a habit. Try reading the daily news with your morning coffee or working a crossword puzzle while waiting in the doctor’s office. Before you know it, your mind will be sharper than ever!

Setting goals and resolutions are fun ways to challenge ourselves to create new habits that are healthier than our current ones. If you feel that trying to reach all of these goals is too much, try starting with just one, and take it day by day to see how it can really change your health. The team at Park View is committed to providing a healthy, active environment for all of our residents and supporting them in all of their goals.

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