The Best Outdoor Attractions Near This Greenville Retirement Community

It’s The Perfect Time to be Outside in South Carolina

The Best Outdoor Attractions Near This Greenville

Greenville, South Carolina is widely recognized as one of the nation’s best places to retire, with a breathtaking natural landscape, plenty of Southern charm, and activities abound for active seniors. Downtown Greenville is home to more than 130 retail shops and 75 restaurants, all within a single walkable square mile and a short drive away.

Maple Brook Terrace is a Greenville retirement community designed to provide well-being, adventure, and relaxation – the ideal setting for a life lived to the fullest. In Greenville, there’s no need to choose between city life and being surrounded by nature. Here are the best outdoor attractions near our Greenville independent living community:

Walking and Waterfalls!

In Greenville, there is a wide variety of local attractions, both indoors and outdoors. One of the best nearby outdoor attractions is the Liberty Bridge, which is perfect for a scenic walk. The bridge, a 355-foot pedestrian walkway, offers views of the historic waterfalls nestled right in the heart of downtown. Residents can head out with friends or family to appreciate both beautiful natural scenery, and the sights of downtown Greenville.

Head Down To The Zoo

Another great way to connect with nature, local wildlife, and even some exotic animals are the Greenville Zoo! Residents can head a few miles down the road to the zoo, where they can see anything from giraffes and ocelots to giant anteaters and spider monkeys. This local attraction is a great way to stretch your legs, get outdoors and see and learn something new (because most people probably don’t get to see a giraffe every day!) Remember to wear weather-appropriate clothing, bring some snacks and pack water to stay hydrated, and head on down to the Greenville Zoo!

Swamp Rabbit Trail

If you are looking for an outdoor attraction in Greenville that has a little bit of everything, the Swamp Rabbit Trail is for you. The trail runs along with beautiful grassy areas, waterfalls, a pedestrian bridge, flowers, and blooming bushes, and swings to relax on. This trail is perfect for getting a little exercise with friends and spending some time in nature. People are known to bring bikes down to ride on the trail, or binoculars to watch for birds. Plus if anyone gets hungry, the Swamp Rabbit Grocery and Cafe is right on the trail north of Greenville. It has a wonderful menu with many options for people with dietary restrictions, as well as seating outside.

Barefoot Acres

Barefoot Acres combines the best of both worlds when it comes to outdoor attractions–it has both a working farm open to the public and an adventure park that features a zipline course. At Barefoot Acres, families can come to enjoy the outdoors, stroll through fields of flowers, pumpkins, strawberries, produce, and quiet woods, and even have a picnic. If some guests are looking for more of a thrill, they can go to the adventure park, with zip lines are ropes courses that will guarantee some thrills, challenges, and fun experiences. These courses are built for different abilities, and if you aren’t feeling up to participating, you can always watch from the hiking trail, or stick to the farmland side of Barefoot Acres!

Endless Opportunities!

These attractions are just some of few located in Greenville, South Carolina–an absolute retreat for seniors and retirees. There are so many ways that all residents of Maple Brook Terrace can take advantage of to get outside, get active and connect with nature, especially since the weather in South Carolina is warm nearly year-round! Whether it is the local zoo, Swamp Rabbit Trail, or a farm mixed with an adventure park, there are ample opportunities to have some fun outdoors in Greenville, South Carolina.

To learn more about residency or to schedule a tour of Maple Brook Terrace, contact our friendly team today.

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