Ways to Help Aging Adults from a Mason Assisted Living Facility

Help Your Loved Ones Maintain Independence and Take Care Of Their Memory

Help Your Loved Ones Maintain Independence and Healthy

If you love someone who is experiencing memory challenges or other health issues, you can help them enjoy their life to the fullest, even as they age. It’s important to start taking action to reduce the negative effects of aging in your loved one. By introducing the right healthy activities and behaviors, you can minimize or slow down the chances of memory issues, depression, agitation and more. You can also promote your loved one’s independence, which will help them feel accomplished and capable of their daily activities for as long as possible.

Luckily, there are so many different ways to help your loved one maintain their quality of life through the aging process. Here are a few ways to help aging adults, from Central Parke, a top assisted living community in Mason, Ohio:

Enable Social Inclusion

As we age, we become more susceptible to depression as a result of feeling isolated. This makes it extremely important that you enable socialization for your loved one, and make it as accessible as possible. Socializing gives seniors a sense of community and belonging. There are many ways to enable social inclusion for your loved one–whether it be getting the family together or finding clubs with other seniors for them to join. Consider what types of social activities your loved one enjoyed in the past, and think about how you can make them accessible for their current capabilities!

Communicate Mindfully

If your loved one is beginning to experience memory challenges or hearing issues, it’s important to learn how to communicate mindfully with them to allow them to continue to feel respected, included, and capable. There are many ways to improve your communication with them, such as allowing them additional time to process, speaking clearly, using simple words, and allowing them to ask questions if they need clarification. In addition to the way you speak to them, it’s important that you understand how to have tough conversations with them when necessary. There are many online resources to learn more about communicating appropriately with your aging loved one.

Stay Educated

Hold yourself accountable–stay up to date on caring for your senior loved one! There are endless resources available for free, especially online, so there is no excuse for not increasing your knowledge. Keep up with the latest innovations in senior care and make sure you’re checking in on the best practices for long-term care to help your loved one the best you can.

Create a Safe Environment

Minimizing risks in your loved one’s living space is an easy way to help them in the aging process, as it also helps them maintain independence and enjoy their home for longer. You’ll want to reduce the risk of harm and injuries–here are a few of the many different ways to create a safe environment for your loved one:

  • Install railings and/or seating in the bathroom(s)
  • Tape rugs and cords to the floor to reduce tripping hazards
  • Move necessary items to be within close reach
  • Consider getting them a medical alert device
  • Make sure light switches are easily accessible
  • Consider moving their sleeping and living areas to the main floor

Help them Feel Useful and Needed

Everyone wants to feel included, useful, and needed–it’s human nature. These needs are still just as relevant for your loved one. When you can, ask them to help you with tasks that they are able to handle, such as opening the mail, folding laundry, organizing, prepping for meals, watering plants, or making grocery lists. You will be able to spend some quality time with them, and they’ll get the benefits of socialization and contributing.

Encourage Regular Exercise

Physical activity has too many benefits to name! It can help boost mood, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, reduce anxiety, increase strength, boost the immune system and so much more. No matter how intense or how low-impact, regular exercise is important for your aging loved one. Encourage them to find activities they enjoy, whether it’s as simple as going for a daily stroll or doing seated yoga. There are exercises for everyone’s capabilities and preferences!

Keep Them Mentally Active

Stimulating the brain has many benefits for aging adults. It helps keep their mind sharp and can curb the effects of memory challenges. Some activities your loved one could participate in to keep their brain active include crafts, drawing, painting, puzzles, and more.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can help your loved one through the process of aging. Here at Central Parke, we implement all of these to ensure our residents maintain a high quality of life!

To learn more about residency or to schedule a tour of Central Parke, contact our friendly team today.

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