Why Consider Mason Memory Care For Your Loved One With Dementia?

Support Your loved One With Our Memory Care Programs

Why Consider Mason Memory Care For Your Loved One

Watching your loved one struggle with memory challenges can be difficult. You might start to notice that their behavior changes, they are increasingly more confused, their physical health is declining, and more. This can also make taking care of them challenging, and it can make them more susceptible to danger if they are unsupervised. Luckily, there are ways to help mitigate the effects of memory loss, and slow down the process as much as possible. At Central Parke, we pride ourselves in helping support our residents’ physical, cognitive, and emotional health, as well as their safety. Here are reasons why you should consider memory care for your loved one from Central Parke, an all-inclusive, custom Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s & Memory Care Facility in Mason, OH.


One of the big concerns for seniors with dementia and other memory challenges is that they might become confused and may find themselves getting lost. At Central Parke, our grounds are enclosed so that residents are always safe and secure. We also have dedicated and experienced staff who keep an eye on residents to ensure their safety. Additionally, our community grounds are designed for safety, so residents are not at risk of certain things they would encounter while living alone, such as falling down the stairs or handling sharp items. This can help you have peace of mind that your loved one is safe and supervised.

Person-Centered Care

At Central Parke, we understand that personal care isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. That’s why we take a Person-centered care approach so that we can accommodate each resident in the way that is best for them. This model begins with in-depth discovery for an individual and an ongoing, detailed assessment that focuses on each individual’s needs, values and preferences to create a care program. The programs are designed to support independence, enhance dignity, promote positive well-being, improve quality of life, empower residents and honor their choices. In addition to our person-centered care approach, we provide residents with health monitoring, medication management, assistance with dressing, bathing, grooming and oral care. By moving your loved one to a memory care community like Central Parke, they can get personalized care that supports their lifestyle.

Memory Care Life Enrichment

From music therapy to life skills stations, our Memory Care Life Enrichment Program is designed to honor your loved one’s memories and experiences. The program includes physical engagement, spiritual support, sensory stimulation, social connections, intellectual discovery and emotional expression. At our memory care facility, your loved one would have access to opportunities that curb the effects of memory loss such as:

  • Sensory and Virtual Reality Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Validation Techniques
  • Socialization
  • Health and Wellness
  • Spiritual Support
  • Life Skills Stations

Implementation of the MIND Diet

The food that your loved one eats can have an impact on their health and cognition. At Central Parke, we serve meals that have memory care in mind. Our menu incorporates foods from the Rush University Medical Center MIND diet, which is designed to support memory and cognitive health!

Memory care facilities are a great way to honor the memories of your loved one as well as get them the care they need to stay safe and enjoy life to their utmost ability. Central Parke would be more than happy to share more about the benefits of our memory care community and welcome your loved one home!

To learn more about residency or to schedule a tour of Central Parke, contact our friendly team today.


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