Dallas is the Big Little Town in Georgia

Mention Dallas and the first place that comes to the mind of most is Texas but that’s not the only state lucky enough to have a Dallas. Georgia is home state to a quaint little city that is rich in history, great dining, shopping and terrific attractions. Take a quick trip around the city and you will be sure to see one of the favorites including the Silver Comet Trail or the Pickett’s Mill State Historic Site that features a museum, walking trails and earthworks.

City Life

There is an instant applique of charm and character attached to Dallas, GA, as it is a reflection of simpler times. It’s an upbeat and friendly community that boasts on its southern hospitality. Tourists often find themselves visiting because they hear about the charm and history the place has to offer. The Silver Comet Trail, which is a rails-to-trail paved path that cyclists can travel to their choice of Alabama or Atlanta. It is highly common to see people walking in the parks located here or enjoying warm weather seasons. The welcoming atmosphere motivates people to get out and mingle or enjoy family during outings.

More to See and Do

  • Historic downtown is a great place for shopping, as the area is filled with cute little shops and brick and mortar stores. The entertainment district is downtown, including the Dallas Theater. The theater is the hot spot for popular productions and acts. Spend a day downtown eating at one of several amazing eateries, shopping in your favorite store or listening to great music. The city caters to its residents and tourists and is growing more and more each year to offer more of what people love with fun events and an inviting atmosphere. Dallas Georgia is a great place to visit and a wonderful place to live.
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