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Does Maple Brook Terrace have RNs, LVNs, and/or CNAs on the Greenville, SC premises to provide nursing and care needs?

It depends. Independent living facilities that only provide one level of care – independent living – generally do not staff RNs, LVNs, or CNAs provide nursing and care needs because independent residents are able to care for themselves. Instead, these communities are staffed by chefs, housekeepers, activities professionals, and concierges who ensure your needs are met. However, many independent living communities partner with third party caregivers to ensure that residents who need more help at home can enjoy the luxury of independent living and still receive the services they need.

However, communities that offer independent living in addition to skilled nursing, memory care, or assisted living do have nurses and aides on staff to meet the needs of each resident. These professionals generally work most closely with the residents who need that level of care.

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