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October Savings Spooktacular: No Tricks. Treat Yourself to 50% Off Rent

Please review our COVID-19 Reopening and Visitation Guidelines here.

COVID-19 Update: Please read our updated visitors and touring policies here

Dunwoody Pines Retirement Living in Dunwoody, GA

All-Inclusive Independent Senior Living in Spectacular Atlanta!

Come home to friends at Dunwoody Pines! Our all-inclusive resort-style retirement community takes the worry out of living, and puts the fun into your life. Just minutes from all the shopping, restaurants, and cultural highlights of Atlanta, Dunwoody Pines is both convenient and scenic. It’s also affordable. Choose from 3 different floor plans starting at just $1,745.

Choose Your Own Rent! All-Inclusive Senior Living Options Pricing Ranging From $1,745 to $2,395

I am enjoying my time [at Dunwoody Pines]...Everyone is very kind to me. It is a very good community, and I would recommend it

— Senioradvisor.com review

It seems as if the residents are so happy. On our tour, we were welcomed, and told us how much they love living at Dunwoody Pines. My mom is moving in next week!

— Cathleen D.

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With so many wonderful services and amenities, you’ll be happy to come home to Dunwoody Pines:

To alleviate the stress involved with such a life-altering change, Sunshine Retirement Living Communities have partnered with trusted national moving company, northAmerican, to institute a senior-specific program that lessens the strain associated with moving. To learn more about this moving program, click here.

It’s easy to become spoiled with our 24/7 Dining Experience. We go beyond all-day dining so you can enjoy gourmet food prepared from the freshest ingredients by our Executive Chef and team of professionals any time of day or night. Since our quality of food and service must be experienced, we invite you to join us for lunch or dinner. Our chef is trained and happy to accommodate residents with dietary needs due to various health restrictions, such as low gluten and sugar-free diets, and much more.

Take a dip in our pool or join one of our weekly water aerobics classes.

We offer local transportation for shopping trips, doctor’s appointments, cultural events, and more. Now, thanks to our innovative partnership with Uber, we are able to offer on-call transportation and scheduled pickups for our residents at any time of day.

Your monthly rent includes free common area WiFi, front desk concierge service, weekly housekeeping, on-call apartment maintenance, and all utilities (except your personal telephone).

Keep busy with a full slate of wellness and activity options, including exercise classes, happy hour, games, and more.

Just step out your door to visit the Dunwoody Pines on-site doctor, hair salon, library, gym, and computer center. So convenient!

When you’re a Sunshine resident, you’re welcome at EVERY Sunshine Community. Visit any of our locations around the country, and stay in our guest accommodations free of charge. All meals and community activities are included. You can even tour the local sights at your leisure.
Click here to find out how!

Cats and dogs are welcome residents at Dunwoody Pines.

Dunwoody Pines is a smoke-free community for your continued good health.

Sunshine knows the importance of friendship, and we’d love to have all of your lifelong friends join our communities. In fact, you’ll receive a referral bonus each time one of your friends moves in.
Learn more here!

We offer safe living with a caring and dedicated staff available to you 24/7, for complete peace of mind.

Forget long-term agreements; Sunshine welcomes everyone with a simple month-to-month lease.

Dunwoody Pines is just minutes from all the shopping, restaurants, and cultural highlights of Atlanta, one of US News and World Report’s top places to retire in 2018.

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Floor Plans

To view a downloadable PDF, click here.

Resident Activities at Dunwoody Pines

Weekly Physical Activities

Every Tuesday

– 10am | Wii Bowling

Every 3rd Tuesday

– Monthly Chef Cooking Class

Every last Tuesday of Month

– Monthly Staff Cook- off

Every Tuesday

– 2pm | Weekly Wind Down

Every other Wednesday

– 10am | Zumba Gold Exercise

Every Thursday Weekly

– Day Trip & Lunch Out

Every Friday

– 4pm | Happy Hour

Weekly Mental Activities


– 2:30pm & 7pm | Movies shown

Every Monday

– 11am | Meditation

Every Wednesday and Saturday

– 11am | Jeopardy

Every Friday

– Are you Smarter than a 5th grader

Every Second Saturday

– 10am | Pet Therapy Dogs

Every Sunday

– 11am | Catholic Mass

Every Other Sunday

– 4pm | Vespers Church Service

View our full monthly calendar here or call today &

learn more about our various daily activities: (770) 872-0749

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Dunwoody Pines – Retirement Community in Dunwoody, GA

5 Ways Exercise Benefits the Residents of Dunwoody Pines

One of the last things anyone wants to take part in is compulsory exercise – especially when the perception of group exercise is the programs don’t have an individual benefit. While the benefits of individual training are greater than group training, for retirees it is imperative to stay active. While no one is expecting retirees to have fitness programs of people half their age, in senior apartments for rent Dunwoody such as Dunwoody Pines, these programs provide great health benefits while minimizing impact.

The fitness programs for retirees are much different than those of people who are younger. In Dunwoody retirement homes, it is necessary to keep residents active because there are massive health benefits to just getting up and moving. One of the main differences in exercise programs for retirees versus those who are younger is due to the impact. In senior living in Dunwoody, there are no massive squat racks and benches with loads of free weights. This is not a practical way to keep retirees healthy. Instead, low impact exercises using lightweight dumbbells or body weight exercises are preferred by many trainers. One of the best components for training that’s available in Dunwoody senior living – especially at Dunwoody Pines – is aquatic exercise. The lack of impact reduces strain on the joints, among other effects.

Here are five different ways that exercise programs benefits the Dunwoody senior community:

Prevents Atrophy:

This is the most obvious benefit. When people stop moving, their muscles start to atrophy and the health effects can be catastrophic. Doing simple exercise programs in a Dunwoody senior community such as walks immensely reduce the effects of atrophy. Also, when muscles atrophy the organs of the body operate less efficiently. It’s actually good for the heart to exercise because when a person is sedentary then the heart is undergoing massive strain when there is something stressful occurring. Also, the brain is a muscle – in a sense – so when you exercise the neurons are firing and processing information.

Helps Manage Arthritis:

Many retirees suffer from the effects of arthritis and in Dunwoody, GA senior homes such as Dunwoody Pines there may be apprehension about taking part in an exercise program. However, low-impact programs and aquatics are great for managing joint pain. Unfortunately, arthritis causes people to want to move less, and the less movement means the ravages of arthritis become that much more acute. Even if movement is limited, it’s important to stay active so your joints don’t become ossified.

Maintenance Focused:

Because of the body’s natural processes, it’s highly rare for retirees to take part in exercise programs that add muscle mass. Because adding mass is not a great idea to help retirees, it is not part of programs in retirement homes in Dunwoody, GA. At Dunwoody Pines Retirement Community, the key for these exercise programs is maintaining fitness levels and/or getting fitness to an appropriate level for a certain age. This is helpful because the exercises have greater intrinsic rewards – there is less of a “struggling” feeling which in turn leads to positive associations with exercise.

New Settings:

The programs for all inclusive senior living Dunwoody, GA such as Dunwoody Pines constantly provide participants with different visuals to stay stimulated. One of the great benefits of exercise programs is the need to change modalities often so that different muscles and fitness goals are attained. Having a constant level of change is very helpful to ensuring retirees are in the best possible shape. Whether it’s in a gym, a common area, walking the grounds, or in the pool, the exercise programs are meant to be stimulating mentally as well as physically. Being in the same setting all the time can nullify some of the exercise benefits.

Qualified Trainers:

Not all personal trainers are qualified to run programs for retirees. In senior health senior living Dunwoody GA such as Dunwoody Pines, the people who are in charge of exercise programs are individuals who are experts in exercise for retirees. These are people who are empathetic to the struggles that some have while providing incredible positive support that will facilitate increased participation and positive outcomes in programs.

Health is a major reason why people are in a Dunwoody senior community such as Dunwoody Pines. Ensuring their health is maintained and that residents are exercising has many benefits. Besides the physical benefits noted above, the mental benefits are incredible as well.

To find more of our locations, visit our locations page.
Visit our Google Maps Page too!

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Dunwoody Pines Retirement Community

(770) 872-0749

Zero Covid Cases!

  • New residents admitted after Vikor Scientific Respira-ID testing
  • Residents enjoy physical distancing activities & protective measures
  • Spaced seating & staff trained for hygienic dining service
  • Visitors are welcome! Mandatory screening & restrictions apply

*This community does not currently have any confirmed Covid-19 cases among residents or employees. However, we cannot guarantee that there are no asymptomatic residents or employees in the community.