Famous People from La Mesa California

La Mesa California is not only home to some of the most beautiful land, but it is a great place to work, vacation and raise a family. There are many famous people from La Mesa California. Many of which you have likely heard of at some point in life. By way of sports, theater, entertainment or other avenue, fame is no stranger to the growing city.

Here is a list of notable famous people that hailed from here:

Carly Craig – Carly is from an Italian family of well-knowns, as she has two brothers that are professional baseball players. Carly is an actress that starred in Role Models and Ecstasy.


Dave Mustaine – born and raised in La Mesa and is now married with two children. He founded the group, Megadeth and is the lead singer and guitarist. Dave currently resides in Oceanside, California.


Sheila Lussier – a La Mesa native and a Jill of many trades, Sheila is a former model, an actress, stunt person, writer, producer and much more. She did a documentary on the R&B legend James Brown and his spouse titled, Life On the Road with Mr. and Mrs. James Brown, the last piece done before he died.


Regis Harrington – a “Captain America: Civil War” stuntman from the lovely city. He was originally a professional rider in Motocross and Supercross, with extensive motorcycle experience. He’s an adamant racer and a prestigious stunt man with a rewarding career.

The List of famous people continues to grow, which is further proof that great things and great people come from the beautiful town. The rich historical and cultural contributions make it possible for gain great exposure through the theaters and cinemas that are all around the town. Be sure to enjoy local theater productions that the town has to offer.

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