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    Heat Wave: Cool off your wallet with $1,000 credit toward rent

    Creekside Oaks Retirement Living in Folsom, CA

    All-inclusive retirement community in beautiful Northern California!

    Get a new lease on life when you move into Creekside Oaks. You’ll enjoy worry-free resort-lifestyle living opens a new window in our vibrant retirement community. Choose from 3 different apartment floor plans, each with a beautiful patio or deck to revel in the breathtaking California sunsets. Rentals start as low as $2,895.

    Choose Your Own Rent! Luxury Senior Apartments Pricing Starts $2,895

    If you're looking for a great home for your family, [Creekside Oaks] is the place...

    — Michael A.

    We perform at many great retirement communities and adult active communities. Creekside oaks is excellent. It is very much like a resort with active seniors and wonderful staff who know how to have fun and enjoy life.

    — John C.

    Creekside Oaks Photos


    Creekside Oaks gives you a wealth of choices that allow you to live your life the way you want:

    To alleviate the stress involved with such a life-altering change, Sunshine Retirement Living Communities have partnered with trusted national moving company, northAmerican, to institute a senior-specific program that lessens the strain associated with moving. To learn more about this moving program, click here. opens a new window

    It’s easy to become spoiled with our 24/7 Dining Experience. We go beyond all-day dining so you can enjoy gourmet food prepared from the freshest ingredients by our Executive Chef and team of professionals any time of day or night. Since our quality of food and service must be experienced, we invite you to join us for lunch or dinner. Our chef is trained and happy to accommodate residents with dietary needs due to various health restrictions, such as low gluten and sugar-free diets, and much more.

    Get a breath of fresh air, and take a daily stroll down our walking path around the creek.

    We offer local transportation for shopping trips, doctor’s appointments, cultural events, and more. Now, thanks to our innovative partnership with Uber, we are able to offer on-call transportation and scheduled pickups for our residents at any time of day.

    All Creekside Oaks residents enjoy free common area WiFi, front desk concierge service, weekly housekeeping, and on-call maintenance support. Your low monthly rent includes all your utilities (except your personal telephone).

    Make new friends with our fun weekly events, including games, exercise classes, movies, and more.

    Get out and see the USA! Now Sunshine residents can see it for less with our exclusive Travel Program. Stay at any of our communities for free, and all your meals will be included. Make new friends, and take in the sights!
    Click for more details!

    Grab a friend, and stop into our beauty salon, library, computer center, or gym.


    Creekside Oaks is always smoke-free for your better health.

    If you love it here, your friends will love it here! Refer your friends, and receive a cash bonus when they move into any Sunshine community.
    Learn more here!

    We offer safe living with a caring and dedicated staff available to you 24/7, for complete peace of mind.

    Great news! Sunshine Communities do not require any long-term agreements or down payments.

    We offer free community WiFi in all resident rooms and public areas. Stay connected with friends and family, keep up with world news, or learn a new skill with just the click of button with our high-speed internet access.

    Through Sunshine Retirement Living’s partnership with eHealth, residents can research, compare and enroll in Medicare insurance plans that cover their doctors and prescription drugs. Residents can shop online or speak to one of eHealth’s licensed insurance agents over the phone by calling 844-833-5901 (TTY 711) or explore options online – click here. There is never a cost to speak to an agent, and you are under no obligation to enroll in a health plan. eHealth’s mission is to help people find coverage that works for their personal needs.

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    Floor Plans

    To view a downloadable PDF, click here opens a new window.

    Resident Activities at Creekside Oaks

    Weekly Physical Activities

    Every Monday

    – 8:30am | Walking Club (Outside Activity)
    – 10:00am | Easy Senior Exercise (Activity Room)
    – 10:00am | Coffee Klatch (Bistro)

    Every Tuesday

    – 10:00am | Better Bones And Balance (Activity Room)
    – 2:00pm | Bean Bag Baseball (Atrium)

    Every Wednesday

    – 10:00am | Balance Class (Activity Room)
    – 11:30am | Resident Outings
    – 2:15pm | Arthur Murray Dance Class (Atrium)

    Every Thursday

    – 8:30am | Step By Step Walking Club (Outside Activity)
    – 10:00am | Easy Senior Exercise (Activity Room)

    Every Friday

    – 8:30am | Lower Body Workout (Activity Room)
    – 10:00am | Easy Senior Exercise (Activity Room)
    – 1:15pm | Ladder Golf (Atrium)
    – 2:00pm | Bean Bag Baseball (Atrium)

    Every Saturday

    – 11:00am | Chair Yoga Video (Activity Room)
    – 2:45pm | Get Fit While You Sit (Activity Room)

    Every Sunday

    – 8:30am | Video Yoga (Activity Room)

    Weekly Mental Activities

    Every Monday

    – 10:00am | Coffee Klatch (Bistro)
    – 1:30pm | Resident Social Hour (Activity Room)
    – 2:00pm | Resident Movie (Theater Room)
    – 3:30pm | Trivia With Michael (Activity Room)
    – 6:00pm | Bingo (Activity Room)

    Every Tuesday

    – 10:00am | Coffee Klatch (Bistro)
    – 10:30am | Catholic Church Services (Chapel)
    – 1:00pm | Poker Club (Gaming Room)
    – 6:00pm | Bingo (Activity Room)
    – 6:30pm | Resident Movie Choice (Theater)

    Every Wednesday

    – 3:30pm | Trivia with Michael (Activity Room)
    – 6:30pm | Bible Study (Chapel)

    Every Thursday

    – 10:00am | Coffee Klatch (Bistro)
    – 1:00pm | Adult Coloring (Activity Room)
    – 3:00pm | Resident Happy Hour (Bistro)
    – 6:00pm | Bingo (Activity Room)
    – 6:30pm | Resident Movie Choice (Theater Room)

    Every Friday

    – 10:00am | Coffee Klatch (Bistro)
    – 6:00pm | Bingo (Atrium)
    – 6:30pm | Resident Movie Choice (Theater Room)

    Every Saturday

    – 10:00am | Coffee klatch (Bistro)
    – 1:00pm | Bridge (Activity Room)
    – 3:00pm | Puzzle Club (Library)
    – 3:30pm | Adult Coloring (Activity Room)
    – 6:00pm | Family Bingo (Activity Room)

    Every Sunday

    – 9:30am | Worship Services (Activity Room)
    – 10:00am | Coffee Klatch (Bistro)
    – 10:30am | Catholic Services (Chapel)
    – 1:00pm | S.Y.N Game (Activity Room)
    – 3:30pm | Resident Movie Choice (Theater)
    – 6:00pm | Bingo (Activity Room)

    View our full monthly calendar here opens a new window or call today &

    learn more about our various daily activities: (916) 365-9114

    Creekside Oaks - Folsom All-Inclusive Senior Apartments

    The 5 Reasons Why Retirees in Folsom, CA Choose Creekside Oaks

    The reputation of retirement communities is not properly aligned with the truth, and the truth is there’s a reason many retirees move into retirement communities. Often the reason retirees move into these communities has nothing to do with health and everything to do with having a better quality of life. Sure, health considerations do play into decisions, but ultimately the benefits offered by senior apartments for rent Folsom magnetically draw in retirees. Whether it is something like wanting to be a part of a community or simply having someone else pay for things like electric and water, there are a plethora of reasons to choose senior living in Folsom.

    Folsom senior homes like those at Creekside Oaks are desirable for a host of reasons. Many retirees understand that at some point it is practical to think about the different reasons why you may need to leave a home you have known for a long time in favor of Folsom senior homes. This is part of life, and the good thing about having retirement homes in Folsom CA like Creekside Oaks is the option for a more convenient and higher quality of life is indeed available.

    Here are five different reasons that people are choosing to leave the homes the have known for all inclusive senior living Folsom CA facilities like Creekside Oaks:

    Cost of Living:

    For many retirees, living on a fixed income means that making repairs and maintaining a home is quite expensive. If you have social security and a pension combined with eligibility for housing due to Medicare and Medicaid, then it could be cheaper to live in a Folsom senior community than it would be to live in a home. At Creekside Oaks, utilities and maintenance are included in the price of the unit. This makes the choice for senior living Folsom a good one from a financial point of view.

    Adaptive Floorplans:

    As people age their needs change, and when it comes to getting around a home, there are often times medical equipment impedes and restricts what you can do in your home. Conventional homes are not designed for wheelchairs, walkers, and other types of medical equipment. In a Folsom CA retirement community like Creekside Oaks, this is not the case. Floorplans are designed with retirees and their needs in mind. Tubs are easy to get in and out of, and kitchens are easy to cook in. Furthermore, if you’re living above the ground floor, elevator transport makes it easy to get to your unit.

    Unmatched Staff Service:

    Moving is miserable work, and fortunately the professionals at Creekside Oaks are there to ensure that you get the moving help you need. Many retirees fear moving and delay getting out of a home. The good news is this service is just one of the many great services offered. From fine dining all the way to complimentary transportation, the professionals working at Creekside Oaks are there for you. It’s a retirement community that truly caters to your needs.

    Desire to Downsize:

    For many retirees, living in Folsom retirement care is as simple as wanting to be in a smaller home. This is not unusual as larger homes can be a bit unwieldy for seniors. There’s a lot to clean and much to do. While there may be no medical issues for these types of residents, it is important for them to have a smaller space where they can feel comfortable. A house that was once teeming with kids can feel cavernous when the nest is empty. Having an apartment is a much more cozy feel.


    Instead of having to buy new appliances when the old ones break, how great is it to walk into a home where you have brand new appliances and furnishings? The best part about senior living in Folsom CA is people can get much more than just appliances – concierge services including complimentary door to door transit are a major selling point. Also important is having meals delivered to your unit that taste just as good as those prepared in four star restaurants.

    For many retirees, the decision to enter into retirement communities Folsom CA like Creekside Oaks is a deliberative process. The good news is these communities offer so much to retirees that the decision often makes itself. When downsizing and heading into a retirement home Folsom CA like Creekside Oaks, there are fantastic rewards that make life much easier.

    To find more of our locations, visit our locations page.
    Visit our Google Maps Page too!

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