Fun Facts About Beachwood OH

Have you ever heard of or visited Beachwood? It’s a nice little city with wonderful people and a few annual events that locals enjoy. If you are visiting or residing in Beachwood, there are probably a few fun facts that you may find interesting. Every city has a story, which contributes to its history and present-day attractions. Stories and history are what make Beachwood one of the best cities in Ohio. It is a great place to visit and residents find it to be a wonderful place to live and build their lives.


Here are a few fun facts about Beachwood:


  • Beachwood attracts an estimated 100,000 people to work, shop and visit daily.


  • Beachwood was one of the first cities in northeast Ohio to install a citywide fiber-optic network that offers improved service for its police department and fire department. City schools and buildings also utilize this tremendous resource.



  • Beachwood was originally spelled “Beechwood,” like the Beech Tree. A clerical error was made during the City’s incorporation at which time the “e” was swapped for an “a.


  • From 1915 until 1927, all Beachwood students attended a one room schoolhouse on Fairmount at Richmond Road.


  • The Canterbury Golf Club in Beachwood has been ranked as one of the 100 best golf courses in the nation and served as host for professional tournaments.


  • Beachwood owns the tallest fire truck and ladder in Ohio, with the ability to stretch as high as 137 feet in the air.


  • More than 2,500 companies reside in Beachwood, ranging from high-tech start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.


  • Beachwood has a diverse population of 12,000 residents. More than 15 percent of the population is foreign born, five times the average rate in Ohio.