How to Bring up Living in a Fun Retirement Community to Your Parents

How to Bring up Living in a Fun Retirement Community to Your Parents


Many of us don’t plan on living alone as we age, and your parents are probably the same way. You may often worry about them living alone and feel as though you aren’t in a position to change this fact. However, this may not be the case and now may be the perfect time to bring up living in a fun retirement community to your parents. They may have some of the same concerns and worries that you have about them living alone.


Touchy Subject

You may be shaking your head and thinking that this is too touchy a subject to bring up to your parents – even if you do worry about their safety and health. It can be hard for you to talk to them about going to live in a retirement community, like Sunshine, and it may be hard for them to want to talk to you about it too. It’s easy to have that thought of a retirement home being akin to a nursing home, or feeling like someone is being abandoned, but exploring the option of a retirement community is nothing like that at all.

The key to focus on in this conversation is joining a community. This is an opportunity for them to be among peers and enjoy their retirement years, thanks to the amenities that are available to them through a community. This conversation can help to re-evaluate what everyone is thinking, and highlight all the benefits that are offered.


Concerns You May Share

The number one concern that most people have about their parents living alone is probably safety. Living alone is not always the safest situation for a variety of reasons. Falls and other accidents can happen in the home, and living by themselves means that there may be a long wait before someone discovers what happened.

The same is true for medical emergencies, like problems with diabetes or heart attacks. There is also the factor that someone living alone may be targeted by identity thieves or other criminals because of the main fact that they were alone. It is easy to see how a child may worry over a parent that is alone for the majority of the day because of these safety concerns.

Your concerns will no longer be an issue with Community Living!


Sunshine Retirement Community is Your Solution

These concerns shouldn’t be swept under the rug to be ignored until something doesn’t go as planned.  At Sunshine Retirement Community, our mission is to make all of our residents feel as though they are home.  Home should be a place of safety, and that’s what we provide.  Our dedicated staff are experts at providing our residents everything that they need.  These professionals are available to your parents on-site every day of the week.  There is no problem that our staff can’t help solve.  We pride ourselves on bringing a true sense of neighborhood to those involved in our community.



There are a number of benefits to living in a retirement community made up of like-minded seniors, in addition to some great amenities and medical personnel.


Eliminate Isolation

You may worry that your parent is unable to get involved in community activities, and that you don’t really have enough time in your day to spend a large amount of quality time with your parent. A retirement community is an excellent solution, and it can be a great place to make new friends.


Tackle Retirement Goals

Most people have thoughts about what they want to do when they retire. They want to be able to travel the world, take up new hobbies, read a library’s worth of books, and to give back to the community. The list is endless! Sunshine Retirement Living offers the chance to tackle all of these different retirement goals head-on. For instance, our travel program makes it really easy to explore other areas of the world.

Your parent will be able to book a guest room at one of our other properties, and will have the opportunity to stay there for up to a week with three meals a day, along with complimentary transportation to the places they want to visit. We currently have properties in eight states, spread throughout 16 cities.

Some of our amenities are included in the cost of the living, while others are available at an additional charge. Talk with your parent about what amenities excite them the most when looking at prices.


Focus on Your Parents

Another amazing benefit is that your parents will be able to focus on themselves without having to think about all those things that come into play when living alone. Maintenance on an aging house is never a lot of fun; even condos require the homeowner to be involved with maintenance inside and outside of the condo. All of this takes up time that you and your parent(s) may not have and could be spending that time with each other for games or other fun activities!

A retirement community makes it possible to put the focus on growing relationships and spending time with those your parents love and care about. The same is true for cooking – some people have a passion for cooking, while others couldn’t care less if they ever have to cook again, both situations are perfect for Sunshine. You can cook for yourself or let us do the cooking for you. The focus should be on your parents, and not a list of chores that need to be done around the home.

Going into a conversation about a retirement community is never easy, as most people don’t want to think about what happens when you grow older. The time is now to have this discussion about what a retirement community consists of and the benefits that can come from joining one.

Contact us today for more information on your parents joining one of Sunshine’s Retirement Communities. We’re here to answer all of the questions you or your parents may have.

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