Freshen Up Your Home for Fall and Winter from Methuen Senior Living

Get your living space organized and cozy for the holiday season

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You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but freshening up for fall is just as important! The fall and winter months bring cooler weather and short days, requiring changes to your lifestyle–and your home. There’s nothing quite like having your home cozy, comfy and clean for the holiday seasons, to make sure you and your guests can enjoy the space. From getting into the holiday spirit with thoughtful decorations to tidying up, there are so many different ways to freshen up your home. Here are ideas from The Woods at Merrimack, a top senior living community in Merrimack Valley:

Get Organized

There are many benefits of organizing your home, beyond the aesthetics! Not only will your living space look more attractive, but the process of organizing your home can actually act as a form of stress relief. Disorganized spaces just serve as a reminder of all the other things that we have to do. By getting organized, your home can be a more tranquil and soothing space for you. Additionally, organizing can be therapeutic and relaxing. So, take some to get organized–go through your closet, bathroom, kitchen–whatever else could use some reorganizing. Consider investing in bins and other organizational tools to make your new organizational system simpler to maintain.

Open Your Windows

With cooler temperatures coming in, it’s a great time to crack your windows to get some fresh air circulating through your home. Plus, the lack of bugs and humidity makes it even more comfortable. Fresh air is also a mood booster and helps reduce stress!

Eliminate Clutter

To make organizing your home easier, go through your belongings to eliminate unnecessary clutter or items that you no longer use. If you have items that are in good condition, consider selling them to help boost your holiday budget, or donating them to a local charity or donation center.

Shine Bright

With fall and winter comes shorter days. The sun sets earlier, meaning there is less light. Prepare for this early on by making sure that you have adequate lighting inside your home. This might entail cleaning your light fixtures or even installing more for additional light. Make sure you use energy-efficient light bulbs when possible.

Bring out the Blankets

Break out the blankets and warm clothes for the cooler weather that comes with fall and winter. If you have light, breathable bedding, such as a quilt, consider switching it out with a heavier one–It’s important to stay warm and cozy!

Embrace the Holidays

Get in the holiday spirit and freshen up your home with decorations! Here are some holiday decor ideas that you can incorporate to get your home feeling festive:


  • Pumpkin or apple-scented candles
  • Orange, yellow and red wreath
  • Pumpkins
  • Cornucopia
  • Fall-themed blankets and pillows


  • Garlands
  • Snowmen
  • Winter-themed blankets and pillows
  • Snowflakes

Keep Outdoor Areas Tidy

If your living space has a patio, deck or outdoor area, you’ll want to keep it tidy. That way, you can enjoy the crisp weather in a well-kept environment. Try to keep leaves swept off to avoid slipping on them and to keep them from piling up too much.

Take some time to prepare for the fall and winter seasons with these ideas. Not only is freshening up your home great for the aesthetics, but it can also be mood-boosting and great for your health. At the Woods at Merrimack, we love helping our residents freshen up their spaces for fall!

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