John Bryant

John Bryant

John Bryant

Purple Heart Recipient
By John Bryant

John went into the Army shortly after Pearl Harbor and was accepted for flight training. In January 1943, John was commissioned as an Army Aviator.

John suffered a grievous wound in the air over France. Fifty years later he and his wife became the subject of a personal interest in the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.

John was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. He also received his Purple Heart following a bombing mission on Jan. 14, 1944, when he sustained a leg wound from shell fragments. On April 8, 1944, John was again by a flak shell. During a bombing run, he was stuck on the upper arm and spent three years in hospitals undergoing reconstructive surgery and physical therapy. He was discharged and received a degree in chemistry. John enjoyed a long career in Environmental Health and Occupational Safety and Health.

In 1955, after John retired, he and his wife, Ruth, attended a reunion of the 386th Bomb Group in Dayton, Ohio. At the Air Force Museum, they were pleasantly surprised to find their photo, taken over 50 years earlier in Waco, Texas.

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