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    Heat Wave: Cool off your wallet with $1,000 credit toward rent

    Waterford Terrace Retirement Living in La Mesa, CA

    All-Inclusive Independent Retirement Community in Beautiful La Mesa!

    It’s easy to make yourself at home in a retirement community as comfortable and welcoming as Waterford Terrace. Our central location allows you to take advantage of all the best of Southern California, just minutes from terrific shopping and cultural venues. Choose from 2 different floor plans starting at just $2,800, each with a patio or balcony to soak up the California sunshine.

    Choose Your Own Rent! Affordable Senior Living Options That Work Within Your Budget.

    My mother loves it at Waterford Terrace!... She is always telling me that is a dream come true!

    — Senioradvisor.com review

    I tell my friends that it is like living on a cruise ship in port. All staff work very hard to keep everyone satisfied and content.

    — Shirley V.

    Waterford Terrace Photos


    These are so many exceptional benefits that make Waterford Terrace a wonderful home:

    To alleviate the stress involved with such a life-altering change, Sunshine Retirement Living Communities have partnered with trusted national moving company, northAmerican, to institute a senior-specific program that lessens the strain associated with moving. To learn more about this moving program, click here. opens a new window

    It’s easy to become spoiled with our 24/7 Dining Experience. We go beyond all-day dining so you can enjoy gourmet food prepared from the freshest ingredients by our Executive Chef and team of professionals any time of day or night. Since our quality of food and service must be experienced, we invite you to join us for lunch or dinner. Our chef is trained and happy to accommodate residents with dietary needs due to various health restrictions, such as low gluten and sugar-free diets, and much more.

    Our central location allows you to take advantage of all the best of Southern California, just minutes from terrific shopping, cultural venues and beautiful San Diego, one of US News and World Report’s 2018 top 25 places to retire.

    Our gorgeous 5-story building is surrounded by beautiful grounds that feature scenic walking paths and rose gardens.

    We offer local transportation for shopping trips, doctor’s appointments, cultural events, and more. Now, thanks to our innovative partnership with Uber, we are able to offer on-call transportation and scheduled pickups for our residents at any time of day.

    There’s so much to do at Waterford Terrace! Join our wellness and exercise classes, take a day trip, watch a movie, and so much more.

    Just step out of your door to visit our hair salon, library, computer center, or gym. It’s all right here!

    Take a plane, train, bus, or car, and see the USA with the help of our resident Travel Program!It’s our pleasure to provide you complimentary room and food accommodations at any of our communities across the country. Visit local tourist spots, but don’t forget to leave some time to enjoy local community activities as well.
    Your next trip starts here!

    All cats and dogs are most welcome!

    Waterford Terrace is smoke-free for your better health.

    Great minds think alike! Encourage your friends to enjoy all the benefits of a Sunshine community like you do, and we’ll generously thank you with a referral bonus.
    Learn more here!

    We offer safe living with a caring and dedicated staff available to you 24/7, for complete peace of mind.

    When you’re retired, you should be footloose and fancy free. So live here month-to-month. No contracts required.

    We offer free community WiFi in all resident rooms and public areas. Stay connected with friends and family, keep up with world news, or learn a new skill with just the click of button with our high-speed internet access.

    Through Sunshine Retirement Living’s partnership with eHealth, residents can research, compare and enroll in Medicare insurance plans that cover their doctors and prescription drugs. Residents can shop online or speak to one of eHealth’s licensed insurance agents over the phone by calling 844-833-5901 (TTY 711) or explore options online – click here. There is never a cost to speak to an agent, and you are under no obligation to enroll in a health plan. eHealth’s mission is to help people find coverage that works for their personal needs.

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    Floor Plans

    To view a downloadable PDF, click here opens a new window.

    Resident Activities at Waterford Terrace

    Weekly Physical Activities

    Every Monday

    – 9:30am | Get Fit- Weights (AR)

    Every Tuesday

    – 9:00am | Blood Pressure Check (AR)
    – 9:00am | Blood Pressure Check (AR)
    – 9:30am | Get Fit— Cardio (AR)

    Every Wednesday

    – 9:00am | Get Fit– Stretching (AR)
    – 10:00am | Outings (LB)

    Every Thursday

    – 9:30am | Get Fit–Circuit Training(AR)

    Every Friday

    – 9:30am | Get Fit w/A.B.S (AR)
    – 10:30am | Meditation (FR)

    Every Saturdays

    – 10:30am | Get Fit with Robert (AR)

    Every Sundays

    – 9:30am | Zumba w/Giovanna (AR)

    Weekly Mental Activities

    Every Monday

    – 10:30am | In Stitches (AR)
    – 12:00pm | Sunshine News (DR)
    – 1:00pm | Matinee Movie (T)
    – 3:00pm | Poker Keno (AR)
    – 6:00pm | Evening Movie (T)
    – 6:00pm | Bingo (AR)

    Every Tuesday

    – 10:30am | Name That Tune (AR)
    – 1:00pm | Matinee Movies (T)
    – 6:00pm | Evening Movie (T)
    – 6:15pm | Poker (L)

    Every Wednesday

    – 1:00pm | Matinee Movie (T)
    – 3:00pm | Bible Study (C)
    – 3:00pm | Poker Keno (AR)
    – 6:00pm | Educational Documentary
    – 6:00pm | Bingo (AR)

    Every Thursday

    – 8:00am | Laundry Service Pickup
    – 1:00pm | Educational Documentary
    – 3:00pm | Bingo 10 (AR)
    – 6:00pm | Evening Movie (T)
    – 6:15pm | Poker (L)

    Every Friday

    – 1:00pm | Matinee Movie (T)
    – 1:15pm | Scenic Drive (LB)
    – 3:00pm | Poker Keno (AR)
    – 6:00pm | Evening Movie (T)
    – 6:00pm | Bingo (AR)

    Every Saturdays

    – 1:00pm | Matinee Movie (T)
    – 2:00pm | Bunco (AR)
    – 3:00pm | Bean Bag Baseball (AR)
    – 6:00pm | Evening Movie (T)
    – 6:15pm | Poker (L)

    Every Sundays

    – 10:00am | Church Service (C)
    – 1:00pm | Matinee Movie (T)
    – 1:30pm | Spanish with Aida (DR)
    – 6:00pm | Evening Movie (T)

    View our full monthly calendar here opens a new window or call today &

    learn more about our various daily activities: (619) 822-2505

    Waterford Terrace – Retirement Community in La Mesa

    5 Reasons Why Waterford Terrace is the Perfect Retirement Choice

    It is important whenever you make a large, life-changing decision to consider all the different facets of the decision. Sometimes, unfortunately, decisions are made for you, like when you need to move into an assisted living facility. Other times, having the world wait on you instead of you waiting on the world is a reason to move into a retirement community. Regarding senior apartments for rent La Mesa, Waterford Terrace offers the services for people who need assisted living while at the same time providing the best amenities for people who want to take the stress out of their lives and relax.

    In the San Diego metro area, there are lots of different choices for retirement communities. Particularly, La Mesa senior living is a competitive atmosphere, so each facility attempts to offer its residents the absolute best. Where Waterford Terrace fits into the La Mesa senior community is at the top. This facility is dedicated to providing its residents with the best of everything. Instead of just providing a unit and some basic programs, Waterford Terrace goes the extra mile for its residents, and that’s why seniors looking for retirement homes in La Mesa CA routinely choose Waterford Terrace Retirement Community.

    Here are five reasons why Waterford Terrace is first among equals in retirement homes in La Mesa, CA:

    Relocation Ease:

    For many retirees, the prospect of relocating is extremely stressful. Waterford Terrace’s easy-move program effectively allows seniors to be supervisors and leaves all the heavy lifting to the Waterford Terrace employees. These employees work hard to help with downsizing, packing, and transportation. The best part is they’re very sensitive to how hard a move is for a retiree, and their empathetic nature makes moving less stressful. Instead of worrying if everything will get where it needs to go, easy-move allows retirees to look forward to the next phase of their lives.

    Fine Dining:

    If anyone deserves to eat a great meal whenever they want, it’s someone who has spent their life working. Retirees deserve to eat well, and at Waterford Terrace, they get incredible meals prepared by gourmet chefs whenever they want. The 24/7 kitchen makes it so that you eat at your convenience instead of having to do that dreaded communal meal time. Senior living La Mesa shouldn’t be something where you conform to your community, you should be able to retain your autonomy.

    Get Where You Want to Go Easily:

    Driving in the San Diego metro area is not very easy. There’s lots of traffic and if you’re a retiree who isn’t as nimble behind the wheel these days, driving is very difficult. Fortunately, Waterford Terrace offers transportation thanks to a partnership with Lyft. The best part is instead of having to pay the Lyft driver, Waterford Terrace takes care of the cost – it’s built into your residency package. If you’re looking to go shopping at 10 am, all you need to do is phone the concierge, they make the arrangements, and a car is waiting for you.

    The Facilities You Need:

    At Waterford Terrace, there is a recognition that senior apartments in La Mesa, CA need to be versatile to fulfill the needs of all people. To that end, Waterford Terrace has everything from a gym all the way to a hair salon for its residents. There is also an expanded library, office, and other amenities allowing you to do the things you love. Whether you’re a reader or someone who likes to get a good workout – or both – you can rest assured that your time at Waterford Terrace is filled with what you need to do what you want.

    Lots of Organized Activities:

    For many retirees, being a part of a community is important. A great feature of senior 55 plus La Mesa living at Waterford Terrace is having many different opportunities to engage in activities that are mental and physical in nature. Whether it’s bingo or senior yoga, having a chance to interact with your neighbors keeps your socialization keen and improves quality of life – which is the goal of the La Mesa CA retirement community.

    There are many reasons why people choose to relocate to retirement communities. In Waterford Terrace, retirees have the opportunity to ensure that their needs are taken care of in a comfortable, respectful and empathetic way. Having all the amenities helps as well. When you’re ready to take the next step in your life, Waterford Terrace is the perfect place to spend the retirement years you have earned.

    To find more of our locations, visit our locations page.
    Visit our Google Maps Page too!

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    El Cajon,
    National City,
    Chula Vista,
    San Ysidro,
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    Imperial Beach,
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