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A Custom Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s & Memory Care Facility in Lake Charles, LA for your Loved One!

Here at The Verandah Assisted Living and Memory Care, we are much more than a memory care facility, we are a memory care community. Located near Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, it offers a warm and welcoming senior community for those in need of assisted living, transitional assisted living, or memory care in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

The Verandah Assisted Living and Memory Care combines Person-Centered Care with a robust Life Enrichment Program that embraces Sunshine’s six Pillars of Wellness: physical engagement, sensory stimulation, spiritual support, social connection, intellectual discovery, and emotional expression. Deeply rooted in Montessori methodology, Sunshine’s Wellness Programs and collaborative, Person-Centered Care assessments come together to provide residents with care that goes above and beyond that of traditional nursing homes.

In our secured environment, we strive to empower residents, improve quality of life, enhance dignity, honor choice, support independence, and promote positive well-being. We do this by offering customizable levels of care, so whether your loved one is just starting to experience memory challenges, or if they have been living with Alzheimer’s and dementia for quite some time, you can rest assured knowing that our experienced and professional staff is providing the care they need, day and night.

Person-Centered Memory Care and Assisted Living Rates Available! Inquire now.


I was very impressed with The Verandah. The rooms were nice...They had quite a few amenities...They had outings, card games, and craft rooms...The staff was very helpful.

— review

Great customer service and love to use the pool when the weather is nice.

— Al P.

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Floor Plans

To help viewers better understand the spatial quality of a space, We provide the 2D floor plan of the home.

To view a downloadable PDF, click the button.

The Verandah Assisted Living and Memory Care - Floor Plan

Resident Activities at The Verandah Assisted Living and Memory Care

View our full monthly calendar & learn more about our various daily activities 337-313-0162

Weekly Physical


– 9:30am | Exercise (Multi-Purpose Room)

Every Monday

– 11:00am | Zumba (Multi-Purpose Room)

Every Tuesday to Saturday

– 11:00am | Walking Club (Assisted Living)
– 2:00pm | Cardio Walking (Verandah)

Every Sunday

– 4:00pm | Wii Bowling (Multi-Purpose Room)

Weekly Intellectual

Every Monday

– 10:30am | Wheel of Fortune
– 1:00pm | Spanish Class

Every Tuesday

– 10:30am | Brain Teasers
– 2:00pm| Hearts Card Game

Every Wednesday

– 6:30pm| Kings in Corner

Every Wednesday and Saturday

– 10:30am | Pokeno

Every Saturday, Sunday, Friday

– 1:30pm | Mexican Train


The Verandah – Independent Living and Alzheimers Care in Lake Charles

3 Reasons Why Seniors Choose The Verandah for Assisted Living and Memory Care

For people who are in need of assisted living or memory care, finding the right Lake Charles assisted living community is not the easiest task – nor is it easy to have the conversation with a loved one in need of this type of care. The good news, however, is that right in Lake Charles, LA exists one of the best assisted living and memory care communities in the country – The Verandah Assisted Living. When it comes to helping seniors transition to new living with dignity, there is no place that takes care of folks with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other conditions with as much tender loving care as The Verandah Assisted Living and Memory Care.

Memory care Lake Charles is a very important distinction from assisted living. Patients with Alzheimer’s dementia, or other disorders where the short-term and long-term memory are degraded require different types of care and services. Understanding the types of memory is key to understanding the service – short-term memory are the little day-to-day things that go on such as remembering to turn off the stove after you turn it on or locking the door after you leave the home. For people with Alzheimer’s or dementia, these are the types of memory lapses that can have dire consequences, which is why memory care is so important. For long-term memories – the memories of when you first met your spouse or the birth of children – these memories are more personal, and holding onto them for as long as possible is aided when living in a community that places an emphasis on this type of cognitive care.

However, it’s not just Alzheimer’s and dementia patients benefitting from assisted living Lake Charles, LA. It’s people who need help with other types of personal care as well. For many people, the activities of daily living are difficult to take care of, and this is the time where Lake Charles personal care services should be utilized. Understandably, there are a lot of questions about Lake Charles LA assisted living. But the good news is regardless of a resident’s condition there are an array of services available to make sure each resident is living their best life.

There are many reasons to choose The Verandah as the perfect senior assisted living community Lake Charles, LA for you. For seniors and retirees who are needing the services of a top assisted living and memory care facility, The Verandah Assisted Living and Memory Care checks all the boxes. Here are the top reasons people choose this Lake Charles assisted living facility:

Top Notch Personal Care

When it comes to taking care of retirees who need assisted living services, the staff at The Verandah Assisted Living is a group of empathetic, dedicated professionals understanding the challenges folks face. Their goal is making sure that you or your loved ones have consistency and the tools you need to make the most of your time. Whether it is memory services or other types of personal care, the team is ready to help you with whatever is needed to handle the tasks of daily living with a minimal amount of interruption.

Mental and Physical Stimulation

For residents suffering from the effects of Alzheimer’s or dementia, there are many ways that physical and mental stimulation keep the worst parts of these disorders at bay for longer periods of time. It is with pride that The Verandah Assisted Living offers many types of activities designed to keep the cognitive and physiological functions of retirees as close to peak as possible. It has been proven that having cognitive stimulation is one of the easiest ways to ward off the most profound effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia. This doesn’t mean those symptoms won’t arrive, but just delays them as long as possible. The team at The Verandah understands memory science and ensures all residents have access to top quality care.

Unmatched Amenities

Who says assisted living should be some sort of drudgery? At The Verandah, assisted living is one part of a full life. There is amazing food available to residents 24/7, a concierge service along with fantastic transportation options. Furthermore, moving to The Verandah is easy thanks to the Easy-Move service. This ensures that you or your loved ones don’t have added stress that moves invariably add.

Choosing assisted living should be something where you get the best of everything. At The Verandah, it is exactly that – between personal care services and amenities, this facility is perfect for people requiring assisted living and memory care.

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