Linda’s Stargazing Adventures in Lehigh Acres Florida

A starlit sky has a way of making people feel intrigued and calm as they gaze at what only a trip to space could better reveal. That’s where Linda’s Stargazing Adventures comes in and makes the difference. The stargazing programs are extraordinary during the Winter nights, and Constellation and planet admirers find it to be more than they anticipated.

What to Expect The Lehigh Acres experience is great for families, students, Scouts, community groups and any others who may be interested in learning more about what the sky beholds. Linda identifies the shiny stars and points out the planets. In some occasions, a satellite is caught passing by also. Usually accompanied by a campfire and warm S’mores, stories are shared about Florida’s history and the way it is today. Viewers leave feeling relaxed and totally intrigued about what they learned. Once the constellations have been identified, if conditions permit, the telescope is used to find the Deep Sky. This presents the perfect chance to observe galaxies that are millions of light years away in distance and star clusters. The gazing programs usually last about three hours, based on the conditions of the weather.

About Linda

Linda is a graduate of the University of Florida, as a Certified Florida Master Naturalist. She has a passion for stars, planets and everything beautiful about the sky. Her programs are available to as few as one, and as many as 300 or greater for large events. She’s been featured in the several publications, as well as in the book, “The Florida Night Sky” written by Elinor De Wire. Three years ago, her program was listed as one of the “25 Great Surprises in Gulf Shore Life Magazine.

Winter is the best time to enjoy stars in Lehigh Acres and Linda’s Stargazing Adventures makes viewings much more enjoyable.