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Marshall Pines Memory Care & Transitional
Assisted Living in Evans, GA

An All-Inclusive, Custom Alzheimer’s, Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living Facility in Evans, GA for your Loved One!

Here at Marshall Pines assisted living, we are more than a memory care facility, we are a memory care community. Located near Perfect Health Urgent Care, it offers a warm and welcoming senior community for those in need of all-inclusive memory care and transitional assisted living in Evans, GA.

Marshall Pines combines Person-Centered Care with a robust Life Enrichment Program that embraces Sunshine’s six Pillars of Wellness: physical engagement, sensory stimulation, spiritual support, social connection, intellectual discovery, and emotional expression. Deeply rooted in Montessori methodology, Sunshine’s Wellness Programs and collaborative, Person-Centered Care assessments come together to provide residents with care that goes above and beyond that of traditional nursing homes.

In our secured environment, we strive to empower residents, improve quality of life, enhance dignity, honor choice, support independence, and promote positive well-being. We do this by offering all-inclusive care, so whether your loved one is just starting to experience memory challenges, or if they have been living with Alzheimer’s and dementia for quite some time, you can rest assured knowing that our experienced and professional memory care and assisted living staff is providing the care they need, day and night.



How can I begin to thank you for the vital role you’ve played in the lives of our family members? I can only hope and pray that God will bless each one of you more than you have blessed us. You swiftly provided a place for John and Martha at a critical time, insuring their safety, and gave high quality of daily care that greatly improved their health and quality of life. I thank you and count all of you as heroes and treasured friends. One of my favorite verses for caregiving is Michal 6:8. You have all fulfilled god’s desire to “act justly and to move mercy and to walk humbly with your God."

—Jane M.

Went here to view the facility for my grandmother and it is beautiful! It truly feels like your home. You can see the thought and care Kim and her employees put into this place and towards their residents. There is enough employees to care for the residents with an almost one on one basis. They are very thoughtful of everyone and their families. I'm so happy we found this place.

— Veronica Rodriguez

A beautiful facility and an awesome, caring staff! Marshall Pines is a wonderful place.

— Pam Norman

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