Memory Care Therapies

Memory Care Therapies

We strive to improve the lives of those experiencing memory challenges, Alzheimer’s, or other dementias with our Person-Centered Care approach and research-backed Memory Care Therapies.

• Music Therapy

Music releases dopamine in the brain triggering happy feelings throughout the body and calming agitation. Music also improves memory function and encourages social engagement.

• Aromatherapy

Certain aromas, like the scent of lavender or freshly baked cookies, can help reduce difficult behaviors in older adults with dementia. Aromatherapy can also improve sleep, decrease agitation, aid in concentration, and reduce hallucinations.

• Pet Therapy

Pet therapy has many benefits for seniors with dementia, including decreased agitation, increased physical activity, improved appetite, and joy.

• Light Therapy

Light plays a factor in cognitive, behavioral, and physical wellness. Circadian rhythm lighting is another way we try to help our residents feel their best. This therapy uses light to calibrate the body to Earth’s natural solar clock, so we feel awake and alert during daylight hours and sleep soundly during dark hours.

• Art Therapy

Artistic outlets can offer profoundly positive outcomes for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. The validating practice of creative self-expression can improve concentration, attention, and quality of life, as well as trigger emotions or memories.

• Physical Exercise

Physical exercise helps mitigate wandering and improves balance, which aids in the prevention of falls. We offer secured and monitored outdoor areas to encourage residents to exercise outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.

• Sensory & VR Therapy

Stimulating the five senses can help calm nerves, reduce anxiety, improve mood, and increase social engagement. With our VR headsets, residents can take a walk on a sandy beach to revisit a memory from a long ago family vacation, listen to music from the front row seats of a metropolitan opera, visit animals on a farm, and more. What’s viewed in the VR headsets also can be streamed onto a screen or handheld tablet, enabling other viewers to join in on the experience.

What is Person-Centered Care?

Person-Centered Care combines a robust life enrichment program and a holistic, collaborative care approach to fulfill our mission of improving the lives of seniors experiencing memory challenges, Alzheimer’s, and other dementias.

Six Guiding Principles:

  • Empower residents
  • Support independence
  • Enhance dignity
  • Honor choice
  • Promote positive well-being
  • Improve quality of life

Six Pillars of Wellness:

  • Physical engagement
  • Social connections
  • Spiritual support
  • Intellectual discovery
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Emotional expression
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