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Heritage Point Memory Care & Transitional
Assisted Living in Mishawaka, IN

A custom Alzheimer’s & Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living Facility in Mishawaka, IN for your loved one!

Here at Heritage Point, we are more than a memory care facility, we are a memory care community. Located close to St. Joseph Hospital, Davita Dialysis, and Michiana Hematology and Oncology Clinic. And close to University Park Mall for shopping, it offers a warm and welcoming senior community for those in need of memory care and transitional assisted living in Mishawaka, Indiana.

Heritage Point combines Person-Centered Care with a robust Life Enrichment Program that embraces Sunshine’s six Pillars of Wellness opens a new window: physical engagement, sensory stimulation, spiritual support, social connection, intellectual discovery, and emotional expression. Deeply rooted in Montessori methodology, Sunshine’s Wellness Programs and collaborative, Person-Centered Care assessments come together to provide residents with care that goes above and beyond that of traditional nursing homes.

In our secured environment, we strive to empower residents, improve quality of life, enhance dignity, honor choice, support independence, and promote positive well-being. We do this by offering customizable levels of care, so whether your loved one is just starting to experience memory challenges, or if they have been living with Alzheimer’s and dementia for quite some time, you can rest assured knowing that our experienced and professional staff is providing the care they need, day and night.

Custom Memory Care and Transitional Assisted Living Starting at $5,200


Thank you all for taking such good care of my mom... She was happy living there.

— Senioradvisor.com review

Friendly, caring, dedicated people caring for the elderly loved ones. The facility is lovely, comfortable and homelike. Kurt is wonderful.

— Evelyn Swizek

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Floor Plans

To help viewers better understand the spatial quality of a space, We provide the 2D floor plan of the home.

To view a downloadable PDF, click the button.

Heritage Point - Floor Plan

Resident Activities at Heritage Point

View our full monthly calendar & learn more about our various daily activities 574-208-6844

Weekly Physical

Every Sunday

– 2:00pm | Yoga

Every Monday

– 11:00am | Chair Aerobics

Every Tuesday

– 11:00am | Sittersize with Legacy Healthcare Services

Every Wednesday

– 3:00pm | Chair Aerobics

Every Thursday

– 3:00pm | Team Sports activity (Bowling, Kickball, Cornhole, Disk Throwing, etc)

Every Friday

– 11:30am | Walk to Dine Program

Every Saturday

– 2:00pm | Balloon Exercise

Weekly Mental

Every Sunday

– 3:00pm | Creative Arts
– 4:00pm | Sensory Activities

Every Monday

– 2:00pm | Cooking Activity
– 3:00pm | Animal Bingo

Every Tuesday

– 2:00pm | Creative Arts
– 6:15pm | Sing A-long

Every Wednesday

– 11:00am | Trivia
– 6:15pm | Discussions

Every Thursday

– 11:00am | Musical Hymns
– 1:30pm | Trivia
– 3:00pm | Womens/Mens Group

Every Friday

– 11:00am | Sensory Activity
– 2:30pm | Painting Class

Every Saturday

– 11:00am | Trivia
– 2:30pm | Creative Arts


– Every Monday 10:00am | Pet Therapy with Auggie
– Every Wednesday 3:00pm | Armchair Travel
– Every Friday 2:00pm | Fun Friday Treat made special by our Chef
– Every Wednesday and Saturdays 4:00pm | Manicures
– Last Tuesday of the Month 6:15pm | New Resident Social


Heritage Point – Mishawaka Indiana Senior Apartments


How Activities Boost Memory at Heritage Point Assisted Living and Memory Care

There is no doubt that as we age our memory is not as sharp as it once was. This is due to natural processes along with the different limitations imposed by neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, and Lewy body. That’s the bad news, the good news is senior apartments for rent Mishawka such as Heritage Point have fantastic memory care allowing residents to hold onto their memories and cognitive function for a little longer.

  • Age and Cognition

    A common theme with Mishawka retirement homes is the residents don’t have the mental sharpness to handle the day to day tasks as easily as they used to. This could be true on a functional, physical level while the mind may be sharp as ever. The opposite could be true as well. Often, both the mind and the body are not as quick as they once were. The goal of senior living in Mishawka is to lessen the burden on retirees. Instead of having them fend for themselves, these assisted living communities understand that as we grow older, our cognition isn’t what it was.

    There is no way we can accurately point to a time when cognition declines. Some psychiatrists claim the brain is operating at peak efficiency from age 30-35. If that’s the case, by the time people arrive at senior care in Mishawka, their faculties should be quite eroded. We know, however, that’s not the case. Retirees are very sharp and often their minds work faster than their bodies allow. Still, retirees are not as sharp as they were as this is the natural aging process.

    Depending on the careers people had and family considerations, there can be a drop off in cognition as the years advance. Besides common sense, there is lots of proof in psychiatric studies that the older we get, our cognitive abilities atrophy. Fortunately, Heritage Point is Mishawka assisted living that specializes in helping blunt the effects of age upon cognition.

  • Creativity and Mental Fitness

    Just like the body needs exercise, so does the mind. In Mishawka senior care, this is no different. Heritage Point is proud to offer several programs designed to stimulate the minds of retirees. One of the best ways to stimulate minds is through creative projects. The reason arts and crafts are beloved by people of all ages is they allow the mind to wander and work in its own way. For retirees, this is a great way to keep memories fresh while keeping themselves challenged. Heritage Point’s arts and crafts keep retiree creativity keen, and there are some fantastic programs such as creating dog biscuit making turning that creativity into service.

    The Mishawka senior community at Heritage Point also has musical programs. Few things have been proven to do as much to keep mental fitness in tip top shape the way music does. Thanks to various studies, the importance of music is found to be just as profound in the elderly as it is in young children. Furthermore, music’s tonal quality also activates memories. Think about songs – most music is associated with a time, place, and in many cases, other people. Using music is a great way to keep memories alive and active.

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