Must Try Restaurants in Novato California

Novato California is a tourist town, great place to raise a family, a wonderful place to work and an even better place to be when you’re hungry or in the mood for great food. The choices are endless and once you choose which restaurant to visit, the menu options are amazing. Casual, upscale and family oriented restaurants are what most people search for when choosing a special place to eat. This city has them all and below you will find a list to make it easier for you to choose.

Top restaurants in Novato:

  1. Hilltop 1892 – a scenic hilltop establishment that offers Seasonal California delicacies in a cozy setting. There is a lounge/bar area and a patio for outdoor dining. Known for delicious desserts and delectable steaks.


  1. Grazie Restaurant – when in the area, graze by the Grazie and enjoy breakfast, or one of their great dinner menu items. A local favorite because they offer a hip setting with ideal options for healthy meals that tastes wonderful.


  1. Finnegan’s Marin Restaurant & Bar – contemporary American and Irish dishes served here with an extremely diverse menu. The setting is pub-style, which makes it a great place to meet with friends, business meetings or to grab a bite after a long day at work.


  1. Aurora Ristorante Italiano – a casual eatery serving delicious Italian dishes and other items. A first-choice for romantic dinners, as they offer fabulous desserts and a regional wine selection that is great for celebrating first-dates, anniversaries and other special moments.


  1. Batika India Bistro – Indian dishes are the staple at Batika and if it could get any better, there is an “all you can eat” option that everyone enjoys. Offers a quiet and intimate setting that adds a special ambiance to any meal.