Things To Do In New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the greatest tourist attractions in the country. There are so many things to do there and it is also known as the entertainment capital of the south. Nightlife and annual music and festive events make it a leading choice for vacations. Many brides and grooms choose New Orleans for bachelorette and bachelor parties. If visiting the city for a day, weekend or a week, you will never run out of fun things to do and see.

Below is a list of fun things to do in New Orleans:

  • Garden District – located just a few miles away from the French Quarter, the Garden District is a perfect view of some of the most beautiful residences in the city. The garden aspect is brought to life with beautiful trees and ivy, and of course, immaculately landscaped gardens. It’s a peaceful atmosphere for those who need or would like a break from the busy flow of Bourbon Street.


  • French Quarter – the French Quarter is the heartbeat of New Orleans. You cannot take a trip to the city without stopping by the French Quarter. It’s a National Historic Landmark and filled with rich heritage. The street names reflect a French origin and the streets are paved in cobblestone. Jackson Square, Cabildo and the Faulkner House are must-visit spots in the Quarter.


  • Bourbon Street – for the party animal or ones who enjoy a mirage of entertainment, this is the place to visit. An outlet of the French Quarter, Bourbon Street is famous for its street performers, crowded bars and fortune tellers. Adults are the primary target audience for this area of the city, as the entertainment can be exciting for grown-ups, but too racy for kids.

New Orleans has seen its fair share of natural disasters, but its ability to maintain a life and heritage that is rich in culture makes it a great place to visit.