Novato California Tourists Attractions

Located in the North Bay region, in northern Marin County, is the growing city of Novato California. Residents and visitors enjoy the rich culture, reflections of history and contemporary feel it has to offer. The city is a great place to vacation and with planning, you can enjoy many of the attractions that are in the original village defined town.

Vacation plans can include many things but for most, seeing area attractions of the place visited or simply passing through is often on the itinerary. There are several attractions to visit but the following list may help you determine which appeals to your travel plans the most.

  • Hiking – Novato has the best hiking accommodations in the Bay Area. If you are adventurous and a lover of nature, dig into the natural ambiance of the surrounding hills, valleys, and marshlands. The city has many well-maintained hiking trails. View the birds and wildlife while climbing, as well as the amazing panoramic vistas.


  • Marin Museum of Contemporary Art – it is only appropriate that a place that is rich in the culture of artists and crafters have the best museums. This museum displays the work of both local and nationally accredited artists. You can enjoy juried and book arts exhibitions while visiting.


  • Miwok Park – A local favorite that is also great for the tourists who wants to find a relaxing attraction, Miwok Park is the place. Enjoy Bocce ball courts, playground for the little ones, horseshoe pits, hiking trails, picnic areas, and the Martin Museum of the American Indian is also located at the park. A visit here will reveal the deep culture that Novato has and provide a look at artifacts and traditions of the Indian tribes that once occupied the town.

Plan a visit to Novato, your central San Diego hub for fun vacation activities, adventures, places of interest and fun things to do for individuals, couples and families.