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Choose Person-Centered Memory Care & Transitional Assisted Living in Gahanna, OH

When selecting a memory care and transitional assisted living community for your loved one with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia, look no further than the Sage Park Memory Care & Transitional Assisted Living Community in Gahanna, Ohio. Not only does Sage Park cater specifically to seniors needing personalized care, but being located in Gahanna, Ohio means easy access to incredible amenities and surrounding community.

Known for its seasonal and special events, as well as its strong family and community culture, Gahanna is the perfect choice for your loved one. From its specialized facilities to its collaborative community and accessible amenities, Gahanna provides supportive conditions for retirees with memory care needs. Here are some reasons why you should consider a senior living community in Gahanna, Ohio for your loved one.

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Creekside Park in Gahanna, Ohio

Expert Senior Living Facilities in Gahanna, OH

This Ohio transitional assisted living community is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of individuals needing additional personal care. Our community features highly trained staff members, ensuring your loved one receives personalized assistance, a secure environment, and engaging activities tailored to their cognitive abilities. The commitment to specialized care ensures your loved one receives individualized attention. This prime senior care community prioritizes your loved one’s safety on a consistent basis.

Located Near the Amazing Columbus, OH

Gahanna is a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, which means frequent visits to the big city attractions for both senior residents and their visiting family members is only a short drive away. Columbus is home to beautiful botanical gardens, farmers markets, and downtown shopping centers. These nearby attractions can provide your loved one with fun new experiences while ensuring they receive the personal care they need in a secure and safe transitional assisted living community.

Supportive Senior Living Community

Gahanna, Ohio takes pride in its compassionate memory care and transitional assisted living community. In a senior retirement environment focused on memory care, your loved one will be surrounded by experienced and supportive professionals and fellow residents encountering similar challenges. This culture of belonging in this senior care community decreases isolation and loneliness. It also encourages social interaction for your loved one, which can positively affect their quality of life.

Convenient Access to Amenities in Gahanna, OH

The transitional assisted living community of Sage Park provides convenient access to essential resources, so you can have peace of mind that your loved one’s needs are always met. The city features pharmacies, healthcare facilities, and grocery stores in close proximity to memory care communities. Additionally, the city of Gahanna is home to a myriad of beautiful parks, coffee shops and cafes, and restaurants. The provision of these amenities ensures that your loved one remains comfortable and safe at all times.

Peaceful Surroundings for Serene Senior Living

Gahanna’s beautiful scenery, including the parks, wineries and majestic waterfalls, creates a serene senior living environment. Retirement communities in Gahanna showcase peaceful and calming outdoor areas where your loved one can safely take walks or enjoy the blossoming flowers and greenery on a nice day.

Recreational Activities and Cognitive Stimulation

Transitional assisted living communities in Gahanna, Ohio provide an assortment of recreational activities focused on memory care support. These activities can include puzzles and games, sensory therapy, music therapy, art, and safe exercises catered to your loved one’s needs. Regular engagement in these types of wellness activities helps individuals to thrive and encourages their independence.

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